The use and maintenance of automobile lifters

Four post lift

Hydraulic transmission four-column lifting machine is divided into wire rope traction and chain traction according to the traction method, lifting tonnage is 3.5t, 4t, 5t, 6t and 8t, platform length is 4.8m, 5.2m and 5.7m, including wire rope bow pseudo market dominant model. According to the descending operation mode, the four-column lift is divided into operation of electric button descending and manual unloading valve operation; According to the mechanical locking of the four corners of the beam, the unlocking mode can be divided into manual pressing the unlocking handle and pressing the electric button down (delay up, open the four corners electromagnet to pull the safety); According to the arrangement form on the platform, it can be divided into three types: pure flat type, platform equipped with side slide and corner plate (optional one or two groups of intermediate secondary lifting trolley), platform with mother and child secondary lifting platform (optional side slide and corner plate).

1. Working principle of four column lift

The four-column lifting machine with wire rope traction is mainly composed of four columns, main platform, auxiliary platform, pump station and control box equipped with oil cylinder and wire rope reversing pulley. Press the next platform rise button, the motor rotates, drives the gear pump to output high pressure oil to the system, enters the rod chamber of the cylinder, pushes the piston rod to shrink, the piston rod pulls the wire rope through the pull seat fixed on the end of the piston rod, drives the platform and the beam assembly to rise, respectively installed at both ends of the beam of the safety tooth block, in the lifting process and installed in the column of the safety bar hole mesh, It plays an automatic locking role. When a descent is needed, press the descending button (if it is a manual unlocking mechanism, press the ascending button first to open the unlocking handle, and then press the descending button or the manual valve operating handle), the insurance is unlocked, and the oil return circuit is opened. Under the action of the platform and the lift above, the hydraulic oil flows back to the tank through the speed regulating valve, and the platform drops once. When the secondary platform lifting operation is required, turn the work transfer switch of the secondary platform to the secondary stage, press the rise button, the pump station supplies oil to the secondary main cylinder, the main cylinder drives the secondary secondary cylinder to rise, so as to achieve the rise of the two secondary platforms. When it is necessary to fall, press the drop button, the secondary platform will fall under the action of dead weight, and the secondary main and secondary cylinders are oil circuit differential connection. Before work, The two-position three-way ball valve under the platform should be opened to fill oil.

2. Control points for use of four column lift

It is very important to lubricate the steel wire rope for traction bearing, and grease should be applied to the steel wire rope every month; Regularly check the wear and break condition of the wire rope. Improper use of the wire rope may cause local bending, kinking and flattening; The number of broken wires at 60mm length is greater than 5, or the number of broken wires at 300mm length is greater than 1. The root must be replaced; The steel wire is quite loose, the surface appears deep pit, the steel core is extruded, and the adjacent position appears cage distortion. The steel wire must be replaced after serious corrosion and grinding equality.

Four column two platforms must be levelled, the four corners in the same horizontal plane, after adjustment should be the top of the column top wire rope nut tight, after the platform is levelled, should be adjusted four insurance plate, to ensure that the pull insurance (manual) or press the down button (electric), the four corners insurance at the same time off, any lock height mechanical lock at the same time, adjustment is completed, the upper part of the safety screw with nut tight. The wire rope guide wheel and guide wheel supporting shaft must be greased regularly. When the wear gap between guide wheel and pulley shaft reaches 0.5mm, the pulley bushing must be replaced. If the shaft is seriously worn, the shaft must be replaced at the same time.

3. Four column lift maintenance points

Every day, check the four corners of the column safety lock block at the same time and release at the same time, if not synchronized, by adjusting the top of the column wire rope connecting rod nut or the top nut of the safety plate; Check whether there is oil leakage at the connection joint of the hydraulic pipe and whether the oil cylinder leaks. Check the flexibility of unlocking mechanism and handling handle monthly; Check whether the connecting bolts between the platform and the beam are loose. Check the tightness of the expansion bolts and the wear of the steel wire rope under the four columns every six months; Check the lubrication of pulleys and pulley shafts at both ends of the main platform and beam, fill each nozzle with beaver grease on time, and check the surface of the wire rope to meet the replacement conditions proposed by the use and control. The initial use of six months to replace the hydraulic oil, clean the oil tank, filter screen, after every other year or run 3 000 times to replace the hydraulic oil; The replacement of seals of oil cylinder, internal cleaning and replacement of accessories in hydraulic pump station, replacement of wire rope and pulley, or installation and displacement of equipment should be carried out by professional maintenance personnel authorized by the equipment manufacturer. Electrical maintenance should be carried out by personnel with electrician qualifications in accordance with the product instructions.

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