Four wheel aligner and car lift

1. Which kind of lift is used for four-wheel alignment

Four-wheel alignment: It is a process of measuring and adjusting the chassis suspension structure of the vehicle. It is used to solve a series of problems such as eating the tire, running off, steering wheel trembling and so on due to the suspension structure is not attached to the factory value of the vehicle. 

Four wheel locator: It is an electronic instrument that plays a measurement role in the process of four-wheel alignment. By fixing the sensor on the four tires, the measurement data is transmitted to the computer, and the computer compares the measured data with the travel value of the vehicle, so as to obtain the variables of the vehicle, and the repair master makes reference to the debugging. (Since it is the adjustment of the chassis suspension structure, the debugging process needs to be carried out under the vehicle. )

Lift: Simply a mechanical device that lifts the vehicle up. Its purpose is to allow the technician to easily repair the vehicle chassis, is a separate use of equipment, and requires that the lift needs to have the ability to lift twice, generally using four post lift and large shear lift plus a secondary lift or a child lift. 

Summary: The process of four-wheel positioning of the vehicle needs to be carried out under the car, there are two options. One is the original trench, that is, the orientation space extends downward. One is the lift, that is, the azimuth space extends upward (note that the lift used for positioning needs to have a little technical improvement, that is, the position of the four wheels of the car is provided with a corner plate and a measuring slide, which is used to release the torque and pressure of the vehicle for the chassis suspension and tires. The four-wheel locator only plays a measuring role in this process.

2. What is the difference between the scissoring fork type car lifting platform and the four post car lifting platform? 

(1)From the safety point of view, the scissor lift is flexible, there is no installation lock, not suitable for lifting cars, if the oil pipe burst, the platform of the scissor lift will fall. The four post lift platform is not elastic, and there is a safety lock, when the table rises to the required height, it will remain motionless. 

(2)In terms of foundation, the shear fork lift's own height is more than 1 meter, and the four post lift only needs 30 cm of foundation, for customers who can not dig the foundation in the basement, the four post lift is of course the first choice. 

(3)The shear fork lift installation structure is complex, not only need to install the guide column, and for the outdoor use of the shear fork lift, to be completely closed. 

(4)Scissor lift because the main structure is in the form of scissor, there are many friction parts, when carrying large tonnage goods (equipment not only carries the weight of the goods, but also carries the weight of the equipment itself), the loss increases, the maintenance rate of the equipment will increase, and the service life will be correspondingly reduced. 

(5)The four post product is relatively mature, it is a four post maintenance car lift improved car lifting platform, in the auto insurance industry has been very mature.

3. What are the two types of two post lifts

The lifting machine is divided into: two post, gantry, four post, shear type. The double column has two kinds of screw type and hydraulic type; Four columns are divided into: ordinary four columns, positioning special four columns; Shear type is divided into: small shear, positioning special large shear, etc.

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