Maintenance of common sense tire machine and balancing machine

First, tire machine maintenance knowledge:

There are many relatives, will only use the tire machine, do not know how to maintain, prolong the service life of the tire machine; Here is a detailed introduction to the maintenance of the tire machine:

1, Oil and water separator oil cup irregular refueling (lubricating oil); The role of the oil in the oil-water separator is to enter the big cylinder, the small cylinder and the five-way valve with the gas path, play the role of lubrication, and prolong the service life of the piston and the sealing ring;

2, To regularly (half a year or so) the big cylinder and small cylinder apart, clean the cylinder cylinder, check whether there is rust (such as a small amount of rust, with the most fine sandpaper rust off), and then play on the butter can be installed.

3, Irregularly check the screw (bird head fixing screw, swing arm locking screw and plate under the boat fixing screw) tightness;

4, Where the games produce friction to often play butter (such as: the size of the cylinder piston rod and boat and plate, etc.);

5, To keep the tire machine plate and bird first place clean;

6. A ground wire should be connected to the body of the tire picker to prevent the leakage of the tire picker.

Second, balancing machine maintenance knowledge:

1, Balancing machine in the process of use, as far as possible to reduce the tire and balancing machine shaft contact, prevent the balance machine shaft change;

When the balancing machine is moving, do not move the shaft, to prevent the balancing machine shaft change;

2, The internal balance machine is mainly composed of circuit board, so we should do a good job of balancing machine anti-tide work, especially in the summer when there is more rain;

3, Avoid the balance of the machine is not used, placed after a period of time, direct power use, this will be due to the balance of the machine circuit board return tide, resulting in the power board or computer board burned; In this case, the power board and computer board should be removed, dried with a hair dryer, and then placed in a cool and ventilated place for a few days, then connected to the use;

4, To clean up the dust on the power board and computer board, to prevent the moisture in the air adsorption on the dust, forming a short circuit, resulting in the power board or computer board burned;

5, We should often pay attention to check whether the line of the balancing machine is loose;

6, To be connected with a ground wire on the balancing machine box to prevent leakage of balance machine.


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