Tire balancer safety operation procedures

1. Before tire changing machine operation, check whether there is any abnormality in the mechanical performance without load. It is strictly prohibited to operate with defects.

2. The tire changing machine shall use the compressed air with the specified pressure and regularly drain the condensed water.

3. Keep your hands in a safe position to prevent pinching during gas dispensing.

4. Carry out safety performance inspection, cleaning and maintenance on schedule to ensure that the machine is in good condition at all times.

Before use, remove the tools and sundries on and near the tyre changer that hinder the operation, and check whether all parts of the machine are normal.

1. When disassembling the tire, completely discharge the air in the tire and remove all lead blocks from the steel rim.

2. Before removing the tire, place the tire at the tire extrusion position, rotate the tire repeatedly and operate the extrusion arm to completely separate the tire from the steel rim. During the extrusion process, prevent hands and feet from penetrating into the extrusion arm.

3. Avoid bumping the equipment when moving the tire onto the mounting/dismounting platform. Before stepping down the pedal to lock the steel ring, make sure there is no foreign matter between the chuck and the steel ring. It is not allowed to use your fingers to check whether the steel ring is placed correctly.

4. Before disassembling and assembling the tire, the inner ring of the tire shall be smeared with lubricating fluid with a brush. Mineral oil is not allowed to be used as lubricating fluid.

In the process of disassembling and assembling the tire, when picking the tire edge onto the bird's head with a crowbar, pay attention to the direction and force of the crowbar, and never allow your hand to go deep into the gap opened by crowing. After picking up the bird head and taking out the crowbar, step on the pedal to make the chuck rotate and lift the tire out of the steel ring. 7. Before inflating the tire, first confirm whether the tire pressure gauge is normal. Pay attention to safety and observe the pressure gauge when inflating to avoid personal injury caused by over pressure of the tire.

The instructions for using the wheel balanceing machine are:

1. Inflate the tire to the appropriate pressure, remove the lead blocks on the rim, remove the stones in the tire tread groove, and clean the rim;

2. Install the balance shaft with the mounting surface of the tire facing inward, select a suitable cone, and lock the tire with a locking device;

3. Turn on the power supply of the balancing machine, pull out a ruler to measure the distance from the rim to the balancing machine, the rim width and diameter, and input the measured data in turn;

4. Press the Start button, the balancer starts to drive the tire to rotate, and the measurement starts; 5. The balancer stops automatically after measuring the data;

6. Rotate the tire until the position light on one side of the balancer is fully lit, and knock in the corresponding grams of lead at 12 o'clock on the rim on the fully lit side, as is the case on the other side;

7. Repeat the measurement until the balancer displays 0;

8. After dynamic balancing, remove the tire.


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