Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer Introduction

About Wheel Balancing Machine and Tyre Changing Machine

Functions of tyre changing and wheel balancing machine

Wheel imbalance will cause the shaking of the steering wheel, reduce the adhesion of the vehicle, wheel runout, damage the tire, shock absorber and steering parts, affect the riding comfort and handling stability, increase fuel consumption, and directly affect the economic indicators of the vehicle. Balancing the tire will avoid the adverse effects and losses caused thereby.

Characteristics of tyre changing and wheel balancing machine

1. High mechanical spindle for heat treatment process to ensure repeated measurement accuracy.
2. High precision and high stability integrated circuit module, equipment self calibration and fault automatic monitoring.
3. It can measure 10 to 24 inch steel ring with an optional extension ruler.
4. It has the function of dynamic balance, static balance and common aluminum alloy wheel balance. It can be equipped with safety protection cover, no center empty clamp and enlarged cone block.
Note: it is mainly applicable to the tire steel ring of tick type balance weight.

Precautions for tyre changing and wheel balancing machine

1. Please read this operation instruction manual carefully before using the balancing machine.
2. Keep this manual properly for future reference.
3. Avoid removing and changing machine parts, otherwise normal operation will be affected.
4. When cleaning the machine, do not use compressed air with too high pressure.
5. Clean the plastic board and keyboard board with alcohol (avoid impurities in alcohol).
6. Before starting tire balancing, confirm that the tire is locked on the main shaft safely and reliably.
7. Avoid placing sundries around the balancing machine to avoid affecting normal operation.
8. The balancing machine cannot be used beyond the functional scope specified in the manual of the balancing machine.


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