Two Post Lift

Two Post Lift machine is a kind of special mechanical lifting equipment commonly used in automobile repair and maintenance units.Two Post Lift machine is the main type of lifting machine. It is widely used in the repair and maintenance of small cars such as cars. Two Post Lift machine is a kind of lifting equipment widely used in car and other small car maintenance, is one of the common maintenance equipment in automobile maintenance enterprises, has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, suitable for automobile repair and maintenance units, so that the repair personnel do not have to drill into the narrow space of the car bottom, Just use this safe and reliable lifting equipment to lift the car to a certain height, you can quickly repair the parts at the bottom of the car. With the development of the car industry and the increasing popularity of small cars such as cars, the maintenance workload of vehicles will be more and more large, and the demand for this type of lift will also be increasing. 

Two Post Lift can save a lot of ground space while lifting the car in the air, which is convenient for ground operation. However, in order to maximize the material saving, the bottom plate is generally removed. Because there is no bottom plate, the torque of the column needs to be offset by the ground, so the foundation requirements are very high, if there is a beam (gantry lift) on the beam offset. 

There are two kinds of Two Post Lift: symmetrical and asymmetric. The four arms of the symmetrical lift are roughly equal in length, so that the center of the car (or center of mass) is in the middle of the column. For the daily maintenance of pickup trucks and box trucks and other types of cars, this symmetrical lift may be the best choice. But for some symmetrical two post lifts whose width between the columns is not large enough, the inability to open the door after the car is lifted is a big disadvantage. The column of the asymmetric lift is rotated back an Angle (about 30°) and the forearm is slightly shorter than the rear arm. When the car is parked in the proper position of this asymmetric lift, the position of the car moves back a little. 

Matters needing attention 

1. The load distribution during use shall comply with the rated load distribution of the bracket stipulated in the operation manual. 

2. Before lifting the vehicle, the height of each pallet should be adjusted to keep the support point at the same level. 

The skirt or girders of the vehicle to be lifted must be placed in the center of the pallet, so that the center of gravity of the vehicle is located in the center of the support surface as far as possible. 

4. After the tray is in place, the lifting machine can be started only after confirming the reliable positioning of the bracket arm. 

5. Note that the power supply cannot be reversed, otherwise the limit switch will not work. 

6. Lubricating oil should be added regularly to ensure that the screw nut is fully lubricated to prevent early wear. 

7. When working in mud, sand and sewage environment, a protective cover should be installed on the screw nut pair. 

8. It is strictly prohibited to place repair tools, auto parts or other items under the bracket to avoid damaging the lift. 

9. It is not allowed to change the elevator circuit by itself, so as to avoid failure and cause dangerous and accidental losses.

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