Four Wheel Alignment specification function and use

Four wheel alignment instrument is a very precise instrument, the main purpose is to detect the positioning parameters of the four wheels of the car, and the factory parameters compared, adjusted to make the performance of the car more fit the factory state, in order to achieve the purpose of light control, reduce tire wear, driving stability. Let's take a look at the function and use of the instrument.

1. Check the vehicle before positioning

(1) Check the wheel bearing, suspension device and steering system of the vehicle to confirm that there is no clearance and damage.

(2) The tire tread depth of the same car is only allowed to differ by 2mm, and the tire inflation pressure is in accordance with the regulations.

(3) The vehicle equipment is the weight of the whole device.

2. Positioning requirements of four wheel positioning instrument

(1) Place the vehicle on a fixed lift with an ingress. The centre of the vehicle should coincide with the centre of the lift and rotary table.

(2) Change vehicle specifications when necessary.

(3) The operation should be carried out strictly in accordance with the display steps of the positioning instrument, which is not allowed to be omitted. The relevant content of tire detection should be input into the instrument as required.

(4) The adjustment of positioning parameters of each wheel (front beam, camber Angle) shall comply with the requirements of the "maintenance manual" of each vehicle type, and the detection that does not meet the specified requirements shall be adjusted (except that the original vehicle cannot be adjusted).

(5) Positioning results should be saved and printed.

Functions: Increase driving safety, reduce tire wear, maintain straight steering wheel, maintain straight driving, steering wheel automatic alignment, increase driving control, reduce burning consumption, reduce suspension component consumption, etc.

The above is the role of the four wheel positioning instrument and the use of the specification, the operation process must be carried out in accordance with the requirements, do not operate according to their own ideas, once the operation is likely to bring safety risks.
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