How to Choose 4 Wheel Drive Alignment

6 points for selecting the ideal wheel aligner


1) The overall strength of the 4 wheeler alignment supplier

Even the best equipment needs servicing from time to time, whether thats a maintenance checkup or repairs, so as to make it last longer. Thus it's vital to check whether your supplier can provide expert support to your location and offer comprehensive servicing before the equipment contract is signed, you must understand the overall strength of the manufacturer.

2) Ensure the wheel aligner can be upgraded

To avoid your brand new become out-of-date too quickly, it is crucial for you to check whether the machine can readily be upgraded as your business grows. you may even be able to save the cost of a callout by ensuring the software can be downloaded via the internet.

3) The accuracy of sensor measurement

Many tire shop or repair shop will encounter such a situation: the owners have finished their tyre wheel alignment after positioning than done before more serious problems, Such as: the owner is because cars deviation before doing wheel alignment, but the adjustment is finished, deviation more serious than before; There are many master said, almost always done wheel alignment, the steering wheel is biased. And, what cars are been biased to one side, almost every angle. This is because the sensor data measurement is not accurate, or the locator itself design reasons, so wheel alignment measurement data authenticity is very important.

4) Check that the alignment machine has an OBD2 real-time data interface

Most modern vehicles feature advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, traction control and more; all of which can be affected by mechanical wheel alignment adjustments.

5) Ensure the vehicle database is complete and the wheel alignment machine offers vehicle-specific procedures

Good wheel alignment must ensure that the vehicle data integrity, so as to redue loss and the impact on business because of lack of vehicle data . OEMs have specific alignment specifications set for each of their vehicles. Look for a 3D wheel aligner that stays up-to-date with available adjustments, and guides your technician through the correct procedure.

6) Consider how efficient the wheel aligner is

It’s a fact that your business will only get paid for the wheel alignments you actually complete. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a machine that works as efficiently as possible.

Ask: How long does it take to get accurate measurements? How long does it take to complete the entire wheel alignment? These answers will be largely determined by the wheel aligner’s software and hardware.


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