About Car Lift

Automobile lifter refers to the automobile maintenance equipment used for automobile lifting in the automobile maintenance industry. The lift plays a vital role in the vehicle maintenance. No matter the vehicle overhaul or minor maintenance, it is inseparable from it. Its product nature and quality directly affect the personal safety of maintenance personnel. In maintenance enterprises with different scales, almost all of them are equipped with lifts, whether they are comprehensive repair shops that maintain multiple models or street stores with a single business scope (such as tire stores).

The lifters are divided into single column, two post lift , four column and scissors type according to their functions and shapes.

It can be divided into four wheel positioning type and flat plate type according to functions;

According to the space occupied, it can be divided into aboveground type and underground type;

According to the working principle, it can be divided into hydraulic and mechanical


The ground lift does not need to dig grooves, and is suitable for any repair shop. Some floors are not suitable for installing two pillar lifts and ordinary four pillar lifts. The machine has a wide contact with the floor, so it can be installed on any floor that can be driven to solve the customer's site problems. The biggest advantage of the scissor lift is that it does not occupy space and is convenient to use compared with the two pillar and four pillar lifts. The disadvantage is that the requirements for oil supplement and balance are very strict, and the control box needs to be equipped, which is expensive.

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