About Tire changer

Tire Changer Introduction

Tire changer, also called tire raking machine. It makes it more convenient and smooth to disassemble tires during vehicle maintenance. At present, there are many kinds of tire removers, including pneumatic and hydraulic ones. The most commonly used is pneumatic tyre changer.


By power type

Pneumatic tyre changer, hydraulic tyre changer.

By type of use

Special tyre changer for motorcycles, special tyre changer for cars, special tyre changer for trucks, special tyre changer for engineering vehicles


1. Host machine workbench: The tires are mainly disassembled on this workbench, which mainly plays the role of placing tires, rotating, etc.

2. Release arm: on one side of the tyre remover, it is mainly used to separate the tyre from the rim, so that the tyre can be removed smoothly.

3. Inflation and deflation device: mainly used to vent the tire for inflation or disassembly, and also used to measure the air pressure. Generally, the tire pressure is about 2.2 atmospheres. It is also equal to 0.2Mpa.

4. Foot pedal: There are three foot pedal switches under the tyre changer, which are respectively used to rotate the switch clockwise and counterclockwise, separate the clamping switch, and separate the rim and tire switch.

5. Lubricant: It is conducive to the disassembly and assembly of tires, reducing the damage in the process of tire pile disassembly, and making the tire disassembly and assembly work better completed.

6. Compressed air interface

Operating Instructions

1. The power supply of the tire machine must be in the normal state, and the power supply must be in the off position in the non working state. The internal air pressure is in the normal pressure, and the air duct is not connected in the non working state.

2. Before replacing the tire, check the tire frame for deformation, and the air nozzle for air leakage and cracks.

3. Unscrew the air nozzle to release the tire pressure, place the tire in the middle of the compression arm, and operate the compression arm to separate both sides of the tire from the wheel frame.

4. Operate each switch to remove the tire.

5. When the new tire is installed, Peugeot shall be upward, and each switch shall be operated to install the tire.

6. After assembly, each switch is set to the off position.



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