About Two Post Lift

Preparations for the safe operation of the two pillar lift before starting up.

1. Check whether the equipment is in the calibration period.

2. Check whether the equipment is in good condition and the air pressure is normal.

3. Check whether the power supply of the equipment is grounded and whether the voltage or current reaches the normal value.

4. Check whether the operating keys are normal. Clean up the tools and sundries in the working area. 5. Check whether the chains and wire ropes are normal and whether adequate lubrication is maintained.

6 Check whether the expansion bolts or anchor bolts on the base are loose, and timely reinforce and adjust them to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.

7. Check whether the oil volume in the oil tank reaches the allowable value (two-thirds) for normal operation of the equipment

Start up step 1. Turn on the power supply of the equipment.

2. Before the lift is used for the first time every day, carry out no-load operation inspection.

3.Check whether each fulcrum is firm and whether the vehicle is stable.

4.After it is confirmed that it is safe to continue working

5. When the car rises with the corbel, observe the working condition of the safety hook at any time to ensure that there is no jamming.

6. When the car rises to the required height, release the lifting button to stop the lifting and shut down.

Step 2: Clean up the tools and sundries under the arm bridge to ensure that all personnel are in a safe state. Pull the pressure reducing valves at both ends, and press the lowering button to slowly lower the car to the ground.

3. Cut off the power supply of the control box.

4、 Precautions Keep the machine body and surrounding environment clean.

5. The equipment must be operated by trained personnel. 3. The lifted vehicle shall not exceed 3500 kg.

6. The lift is only used to lift the vehicle. Other lifts are not allowed. Lifting is not allowed to be biased to prevent the lead screw from being damaged.

7. Do not stand under the vehicle during the lifting process.

8. If any abnormality is found during the lifting process, stop using it immediately and ask the relevant technician for maintenance.

9. The lifted vehicle must be put back or close to the ground before going off duty. It is strictly forbidden to support it overnight.

10. Cut off the power supply in time after use.

11.After daily work, the lift must be lifted 10-15cm above the ground. Before daily work, the lift must be dropped to ensure good lubrication of the lift. On Monday, inject 50 # engine oil once a week on the screw rod and track at the arm extension activity, and fill the screw rod oil pool with engine oil, It is better to check and adjust the tightness of the transmission chain wire rope every two weeks after Monday, and clean the dust and debris in the chain slot.

12.Check the wear of the lifting nut every month, and replace the lifting nut every two years. Check the lubricating oil on the first working day of each month, add oil in time, replace the lubricating oil every two months, and add grease to the lift.

13. On the first Monday of each quarter, check whether the expansion bolts or anchor bolts on the base are loose, and reinforce and adjust them in time to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.

14. The chain or wire rope should be replaced once every three years. Maintenance of the hydraulic system: 1. Clean and replace the oil pressure tank and replace the oil after the machine has been put into use for the first time for six months. After that, clean the hydraulic system once a year, And replace the oil 2 Replace the seals After the machine has been put into use for a period of time, if any oil leakage is found, it should be carefully checked; If the leakage is caused by the wear of sealing materials, it should be replaced immediately according to the original specifications. 3 When the equipment is stored for a long time, (1) unplug the power supply (2) lubricate all the parts to be lubricated; Moving contact surface of the sliding table, etc.



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