Four wheel positioning solve deviation

  The reason why cars are so popular is because they can drive their cars to satisfy their sense of control. However, after a long time, our cars will be deviated or the car will be difficult to turn, or the tires will wear seriously. Of course, this requires our car owners to do a four-wheel positioning, in order to ensure that the car can drive safely. When performing four-wheel positioning, it is necessary to pay attention to correctly handle the King pin back angle, camber angle and front toe angle.


For the cars used in modern society, they are usually suspended independently from each other. In order to maintain a good driving condition, some parameters of the front and rear wheels need to be adjusted, which is the “four-wheel positioning” often referred to in the maintenance industry. The main parameters of the four-wheel alignment refer to the Front wheel King pin back angle, camber angle, toe angle and so on.The function of the rear wheel camber and the rear wheel toe is the same as the front wheel camber and the front wheel toe, that is, if the rear wheel is easily deformed on the vertical ground, it may cause the upper part of the wheel to lean inward, resulting in wheel eccentric wear and bearings, etc. damage. Therefore, the wheel should be pre-aligned with an outer eight-point angle. If the front wheel is not correct, the tire wear will be accelerated. Therefore, the front toe angle needs to be adjusted to offset the deflection direction when the tire rolls.

Moreover, the current “four-wheel aligner” computer can store a large number of four-wheel positioning data of the vehicle. When detecting, the four-wheel aligner first measures the current four-wheel positioning parameters of the car, and then the computer automatically compares with the stored value of the corresponding model. Calculate the deviation value for the four-wheel positioning of the car, and the maintenance personnel can correct the original condition according to the prompt of the locator.
This is the important point of four-wheel positioning, and only in this way can maintain the driving stability, ride comfort and tire wear of the car to the greatest extent, which shows that four-wheel positioning is essential.
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