Lifting machine maintenance and procedures

1. The car enters the car lift

1.1 Unfold the 4 arms outwards

1.2 Drive the driver's seat close to the non operating position of the lift into the lift. The maximum deviation between the front wheel and the lift is 3.15inch, and the distance between the vehicle center of gravity and the lift center of gravity is not more than 17.72inch.

2. Placement of rubber pad

2.1 Adjust the arm to the maximum and adjust the height of the support pad to keep the car level.

2.2 All rubber pads shall be supported at the specified position of the vehicle.

2.3 Wood and other cushion blocks are not allowed to be placed between the rubber cushion and the vehicle.

2.4 The front and rear distance of the car cushion shall be as large as possible to prevent the car falling accident during the car operation.

3. Rise and stop

3.1 Push up the handle to raise the lift; Release the handle to stop the lift; Pull down the handle to lower the lift.

3.2 When the lifting height is about 11.81inch, check whether the four rubber pads are stably supported and whether the car is horizontal, and then lift the car to the required height.

3.3 Release the handle to stop the lift, and then lower it slightly to lock the brake.

3.4 During vehicle maintenance, the brake of the lift must be locked.

4 Descending

4.1 Release the brake, pull down the handle, and the lift will descend. The descending speed can be controlled according to the weight of the car.

4.2 When the Chinese medicine stops during the descending process, the brake must be moved to the locking state.

4.3 When the lift is descending in the locked state, it should be raised slightly to disengage the brake, and then descending.

5 Precautions during use

5.1 When the lift is working, the safety valve sounds abnormally, so it is prohibited to use it.

5.2 During the lifting and lowering process of the lift, personnel must not be lifted under the bottom of the car.

5.3 In order to prevent the car from sliding down, be sure to wipe off the oil and water on the rubber pad.



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