Automobile lift

A car lift elevates the vehicle so that maintenance personnel can work in a comfortable position under the vehicle. Automobile lift is a common tool in automobile maintenance industry, whose product nature and quality directly affect the personal safety of maintenance personnel. Lifting machine plays a vital role in automobile maintenance, whether the vehicle overhaul, or minor repair and maintenance, can not be separated from it. In the repair and maintenance enterprises of different sizes, whether it is the comprehensive repair shop of a variety of models, or the street shop of a single business scope (such as tire shop), almost all are equipped with a lift.
The lift machine can be generally divided into shear type, two column, four column three categories. According to the function can be divided into four wheel positioning type and flat plate; According to the different occupied space can be divided into ground type and ground Tibetan type. The biggest advantage of shear lifting machine is that it does not occupy space and is convenient to use. The disadvantage is that the oil balance requirement is very strict, and it needs to be equipped with control box, and the cost is more expensive.

Lifting machine

1) Prepare before lifting the vehicle
When in use, place the vehicle in the center of the lift and fix the plate and arm to the position indicated in the repair manual. Adjust the support until the vehicle remains level, always lock the arm, align the position of the lifting attachment with the vehicle being supported, do not allow the lifting attachment to extend out of the plate.

2) Vehicles rise and fall

Perform a safety check before lifting and lowering the lifter and signal to others that the lifter is about to start. Once the tire is slightly off the ground, it is necessary to check whether the vehicle support is suitable.

The usage requirements and precautions are as follows.

(1) Lift the empty car after all luggage is removed from the car.
(2) Check that there are no other parts on site except the supporting parts.
(3) Do not lift vehicles that exceed the lifting limit of the lifter.
(4) Vehicles with air suspension need special treatment because of their structural relations. Please refer to the maintenance manual.
(5) Do not move the vehicle while lifting it.
(6) Be careful when removing and replacing large parts, as the center of gravity of the car may change.
(7) Do not open the door to lift the vehicle.
(8) If the work is not completed within a period of time, the car should be lowered.
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