Operation and use of lifters

Automobile lift plays an indispensable and extremely important role in the process of automobile maintenance,and is also a necessary tool and equipment for each auto shop.It can greatly facilitate the maintenance of automobiles.When using automobile lift,we must follow its operation specifications,otherwise it may bring a certain risk.

  1. When operating the car lift, clean up the nearby items and personnel, check whether the lift operation handle and other switches are effective. If the characteristics of the car lift are found abnormal, professionals should be found to repair the car lift in time.
  2. Open the four telescopic arms, the four support angles should be kept at the same level when supporting the car, adjust the height of the support, the height should not be too high, the adjustment process should be smooth, the car lift recovery and adjustment after the four brackets lock, not loose phenomenon, insert the safety lock pin, in the process of repair, the car lift brake must be kept in a locked state, It is safe to carry out the operation.
  3. Lift in the locked state if you want to drop the car lift operation, the lift should first rise to a point, so that it is out of the brake, and then the action of falling. No one or object is allowed under the body during the descent to avoid danger.
  4. The surface of the rubber cushion should be kept clean, there can be no oil stains, water and other easy to cause skid, if caused by the sliding of the car, the consequences are unimaginable.
  5. Periodically exclude the water of the lifting oil cylinder, check the amount of oil. If insufficient water is found, special pressure oil should be added in time, and lubrication, transmission gear and seam should be checked in time.
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