Lifting Machine Types

There are two kinds of automobile lift, different kinds of structure and working principle is different, as follows:

1.Mechanical lift machine

Mechanical lift machine mainly has single motor drive screw drive lift machine and double motor drive screw drive lift machine.  Mechanical lift was popular from 1992 to 1998. This kind of lift is characterized by good synchronization. Because it is generally driven by motor and driven by screw, it does not exist the problem of oil leakage and pollution, and the self-locking protection is simple and easy to operate.  However, due to the high cost of mechanical wear and maintenance (the causeway parent and bearings often need to be replaced), and the customer will eventually replace the product with a hydraulic lift machine with low maintenance cost.


 2.Hydraulic lift

Hydraulic lift is characterized by smooth, low noise, large power, the disadvantage is easy to leak oil after a long time, pollution of the working environment.  But the hydraulic lift maintenance cost is low, the use of 5-10 years no problem, and in terms of the development trend of the lift, must be toward safety, simple, long service life, low noise, low price direction, so the hydraulic lift will be the mainstream of the future lift market development. 


Hydraulic lift is divided into two kinds: a single cylinder lift, a double cylinder lift. 


The advantages of single cylinder hydraulic lifting machine are: good synchronization, no turbulence phenomenon, with thick bottom plate, lifting machine torque offset by the bottom plate, easy to level, the safety of the machine is good, suitable for poor foundation. 


Double cylinder lift is divided into two kinds: gantry lift and thin floor lift, because it is a double cylinder, the synchronization problem is difficult to solve, often rely on two wire rope to balance, cylinder and wire rope to adjust the tightness of the same, the lift can be synchronized.

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