Car Lift Machines Safety




1. Before using the auto lift, remove the instruments and sundries near the lift that hinder the operation, and check whether the operating handle is normal.

2. The operating mechanism should be sensitive and effective, the hydraulic system is not allowed to crawl.

3. When supporting the vehicle, the four supporting angles should be on the same plane, and the height of the supporting Angle rubber pad should be adjusted to make it close to the supporting part of the vehicle chassis.

4. When supporting the car, the vehicle should not be too high. After supporting the four brackets, it should be locked.

5. After the lifting vehicle enters, the lifting machine support block should be adjusted and moved to the lifting point specified by the model.

6. When lifting, the personnel should leave the vehicle. When lifting to the required height, the insurance lock pin must be inserted and the safety and reliability can be ensured before the under car operation.

7. Except for subsistence allowances and minor repairs, other cumbersome and bulky operations shall not be operated on the lifting machine.

8. The lift shall not rise and fall frequently.

9. When the car lift to steady, slow down.

10. Car lift is strictly prohibited when someone is working.

11. If the operating mechanism is not working, the motor is not synchronized, the bracket is uneven or the hydraulic part is leaking oil, please report for repair in time and do not operate with illness.

12. After the operation should remove debris, clean around the lifting machine to keep the site clean.

13. Regularly (half a year) remove the water in the lifting oil cylinder and check the oil amount. If the oil amount is insufficient, the same brand of pressure oil should be added in time. Lubrication, transmission gear and chain should also be checked.

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