How to Safely Use Car Lift

At Katool Car lift, we sold high quality four post car lifts.As convenient as car lifts are, lift safety is not something to be compromised. Incorrect use of a lift can have some serious consequences such as injury or death, or at the very least cause extensive car damage. Before you purchase any kind of lift, do your research and make sure that it is high-quality and has as many safety features as possible.

Each time the lift is used, you should check a few things.

are the moving parts well lubricated?

are there any leaks in a hydraulic hose?

Hoses will eventually wear out and a leak can be serious. If you notice a leak after the car is raised, gently lower the car immediately.

Safely lowering a car off any kind of lift starts with making sure you have followed the proper lifting procedures for your model.

Some things to keep in mind:

do not overload the lift

make sure that the car is centred

turn the ignition off

insure that the emergency break is on

do not raise the lift too quickly.

Note: If using support stands while removing the transmission or engine, do not lower the car onto the stands. This can actually push the car off the lift. Instead, you should raise the stands to meet the car.

Before you lower your vehicle, double check to be sure that there are not any tools, jacks or really anything at all beneath it. Make sure everyone, including yourself, stays a couple metres away from the car as it’s coming down. It’s also very important to ensure that the chocks are locked in place to prevent the car from rolling off.  Do not stand directly in front of or behind the vehicle.

When actually lowering the lift, you want to do so as slowly and as smoothly as possible.  Jerky movements can cause the vehicle to shift and are hard on the lift itself.  You should never leave the controls when the vehicle is being lifted or lowered.  Lower the car as far as the lift will go.

Lastly, you will need to adjust lift arms or other supports, or remove chocks, as needed, so that the vehicle can be moved without bumping into any parts of the lift when the vehicle is driven out of the garage.

Remember, any mechanical issues with your lift should be looked at by a professional.


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