Lifting machine maintenance

1.Routine maintenance must be carried out by the operator every three months. If the user uses it more frequently or in a harsh environment, the user should shorten the maintenance time according to the specific situation. 2. During the daily operation, it is necessary to check whether the safety device is sensitive and effective, whether the hydraulic system leaks, whether the amount of oil is sufficient, and grease the column guide rail. 3. Check whether the main and auxiliary insurance hooks are sensitive and reliable. 4. Check whether the synchronous wire rope is loose. If loose, please tighten and fix. 5. Check the oil amount in the tank and make up the hydraulic oil. 6. Clean the hydraulic system. 7, the hydraulic oil conventional replacement once a year (the first use of three months replacement). When replacing hydraulic oil, lower the lift machine to the lowest position, hydraulic oil should not have any pressure (zero pressure), lift machine without any load, fill No. N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, waste oil treatment must be carried out in accordance with local environmental regulations. 8, clean the oil and burr on the guide rail of the column, check whether the slide wear is serious, should be replaced in time.

     One: double column, gantry type lifting machine main wearing parts replacement period hydraulic oil: the initial use is 3 months, after every other year to replace. Chain: 3 years or when the link and pin show signs of damage. When the chain pin cotter pin and the chain end joint connecting shaft fixing nut become loose, fix it in time. The normal use and replacement period of the seal at the tubing connection is two years. If any damage is found, replace it in time. Cylinder seals are 2 years old. Spring 2 years, insurance hook 3 years, tray rubber pad damage should be repaired in time. Sprocket and sprocket shaft, sleeve 3 years. The slider is normally used for 3 years. Synchronous wire rope broken up to 10 or more than 2 years must be replaced. 

The main reason for the screeching of the double column lift is that the sliding block is badly worn or the lubrication condition is poor. Abnormal use causes screw deformation, so that the screw nut movement process jitter. The nut is badly worn. What contents of the safety device of double column lifting machine with impurities on the guide rail working face include: upper and lower limit stroke switch, safety nut, synchronous safety device, triangle belt overload skid, bracket self-locking, two level arm limit screw, tray limit sleeve.

      What are the causes of the two post lift machine jitter fault? How to eliminate poor lubrication between the roller or slider and the guide rail? Grease should be added to lubricate. Sprocket shaft sleeve and shaft poor lubrication or wear, should add grease lubrication or replace the shaft sleeve. Sprocket and chain contact surface wear or damage, should be replaced sprocket. Roller or slider wear serious, should be replaced in time. There is air in the cylinder, and the air is discharged through the full reciprocating motion several times. What are the reasons for the automatic fall of hydraulic lift hydraulic system pump station check valve ball impurities or wear. The electromagnetic spool on the pump station of hydraulic system is normally open. The piston seal of the cylinder is damaged, and there is oil emerging when it rises to the highest point.     What are the reasons why the double column and hydraulic lift can not come down? How to eliminate the blockage of the filter net of the return oil port? Remove and clean up. Solenoid valve spool mesh blocked, remove clean. Speed control valve spool has impurities stuck, remove clean. Mechanical safety is not opened or mechanical obstacles are stuck below the movement, check the hook spring and remove the stuck. In case of lack of oil lubrication between slide block or roller and guide rail or rotating shaft, grease should be injected. 

The reason why the lift machine can not lift up is overload of lifting weights. The adjusting screw of the speed control valve may be adjusted too small by the user or the repairman, and should be adjusted again. Gear pump due to the hydraulic medium is not replaced in time, gear wear, should be replaced gear pump. The lifting machine column or lifting machine is blocked by mechanical objects, should be thoroughly checked. 

The safety device of gantry lifting machine has what hydraulic system relief valve, overload protection. Check valve to maintain pressure. Super limit travel switch, stop over limit. Mechanical self - locking, synchronous safety, simultaneous release. Bracket self-locking device. Two stage arm limit screw. The reason for the slow decline of gantry lift machine is what hydraulic medium exceeds the service life or serious pollution. The oil return port filter is blocked. The speed regulating valve spool is stuck. There is dirt blocking the tubing connection. 

What are the four corners of the platform of the ordinary four-column lift installation essentials in the same horizontal plane? Wire rope direction is correct, anti-loosening pressure plate is complete. Double nuts on top of wire rope are fastened. Four safety blocks operate simultaneously and can be adjusted by a top screw. The control handle is flexible. The tubing connection is tight. The electrical connection is correct.

Two: lifting machine use method and matters needing attention 

Before using each shift: 

1. Daily inspection of relevant parts according to this manual. Check whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is normal. 

No-load test must be carried out before each shift, according to the following procedures 

1. Switch on the power switch. 

2, press the rise button, the working platform should be able to rise normally. Release the button, the working platform should be able to stop reliably. 

3. After rising to a certain height, stop and hang up the working platform. At this time, the four hooks must be able to be reliably hung on the hanging plate in the column. 

4. When rotating the reversing valve for air supply, the four hooks should be completely free from the hanging plate. 

5, press the down button, the working platform should drop at the normal speed, release the down button, the working platform should be able to stop reliably. 

During the above process, the machine shall be free from abnormal noise and other abnormal phenomena. 

1. Load operation of lifting machine 

2. Pull the car onto the working platform, tighten the brake handbrake, and the driver will withdraw from the working platform. 

3. Cushion the anti-skid support reliably on the front and rear of the car tire. 

4. Under the condition of no air supply, press the rise button to raise the working platform to the required height. 

5. Click the down button so that the four hooks are reliably supported on the hanging plate, then you can enter the work area for maintenance or adjustment. 

6. After the repair or adjustment work is completed, click the rise button, turn the reversing valve to the air supply position, make the four hooks off the hanging plate, press the down button, and the working platform will drop. 

7. When the working platform drops to the lower limit position, remove the anti-skid support and drive the car away from the working platform. 

Points for attention in the use of lifting machine 

1. Special personnel shall be assigned to operate, maintain and repair the lifting equipment. It is forbidden to operate the lifting machine without reading this manual and without operation qualification. 

2. The position of the car parking should make its center of gravity close to the center of gravity of the working platform. 

3. Overload operation is strictly prohibited. 

4. During the lifting process of the working platform, no personnel shall stay on or under the working platform. 

Prevent the machine from running under fault conditions. 

1. Personnel can enter the work area only after ensuring that the four safety hooks are up. 

2. The car staying on the working platform must tighten the handbrake and pad the anti-skid support. 

3. When the lift machine is not in use, it should be lowered to the lowest position and cut off the power supply. 

4. After the lift is used for a period of time, the wire rope will be elongated to different degrees, resulting in uneven working platform and four hooks can not be hung synchronously. At this time, the length of the wire rope should be adjusted in time. 

5. Maintenance and overhaul of the machine shall be carried out in strict accordance with this instruction manual.

   How to improve the service life of the lift? 

In order to improve the service life of the lift machine, it is necessary to choose good lubricating oil and understand the lubrication point of the lift machine. 

First of all, the lift often works in high temperature, humid places, if the use of general lubricating oil, obviously can not play a good lubrication effect, therefore, we should choose those lubricating oil in the selection of emulsification resistance, water resistance, heat resistance oxidation stability is very strong. 

Secondly, the lubrication point of the lift machine also has its particularity: 

1. Usually, the bearings of the wet section of the lift machine, that is, the slurry box to the press part, are sealed bearing shells to prevent cross contamination caused by water immersion and grease overflow. Therefore, the wet end grease lubrication point should adopt the method of regular manual inspection of injection and grease change, so the lubrication system often refers to the central lubrication station of the dry section and all the oil transmission and supply pipelines and oil injection devices. 

2. Due to the high temperature in the dry section of the lift, the central lubrication station is used to transport lubricating oil to bearings by pressure for lubrication and heat dissipation. Therefore, the lubrication station in the dry section of the lift is usually selected in the standard universal model, preferably in terms of oil filtration capacity and oil temperature control ability, if the magnetic filter and constant temperature control is more suitable. The amount of oil transported by the lubrication station should usually be calculated according to the heat dissipation needs of each lubrication point. 

High quality lubricating oil is a variety of engine protection function of the finished product, the formula has contained a variety of additives, including anti-wear agents, and the oil is the most pay attention to balance, aluminum alloy car lift to ensure the full play of various performance. Other additives or their own addition not only can not bring additional protection to the vehicle, but easy to react with the chemical substances in the oil, resulting in the decline of the overall performance of the oil. For some lubricating oil without calming dispersant, if the color turns black now is the performance of the oil has been seriously deteriorated, the lubricating oil used by modern cars will generally be added with calming agent. 

Car lift this calming agent will adhere to the piston on the film and black carbon wash down and dispersed in the oil, reduce the generation of engine high temperature precipitates, so the color of the lubricating oil after a period of time is easy to turn black, but at this time the oil is not completely deteriorated. Lubricating oil in the work between the various parts of the inevitable wear, especially into the summer when the frequency of use is higher, wear may be aggravated, in this regard, lubricating oil in the car lift can play a lubricating role, help the car lift between the parts of the better work, greatly reduce the friction, wear or heat, in the operation is not to be underestimated. So in order to improve the service life of the lift, it is necessary to choose good lubricating oil and understand the lubrication point of the lift.

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