Are 2 Post Car Lifts Safe for Home Use?

When working on the underside of your vehicle, two-post garage car lifts provide an unparalleled amount of versatility. Taking up less amount of undercarriage space, each wheel can spin freely and be worked on individually.

While two-post car lifts are perfect for those needing access to their car’s underside, some may be hesitant about their safety. When compared to a more-sturdy looking, but less accommodating, four-post system, a two-post system could seem less reliable. However, when opting for a high-quality two-post car lift, combined with some common-sense safety procedures, a two-post system can be handled safely.

Whether opting for a two-post or four-post system, without a high-quality purchase, you could have an accident waiting to happen. An object in charge of hoisting up thousands of pounds over your head may not be something you want to budget on.

Buy a Safe Two Post Car Lift

Advantage two-post car lifts are made with the highest-quality steel, offering a weight capacity more than capable for your at-home project.

Safety Practices

When operating a two-post system there are a few safety precautions to ensure a safe working environment. These practices involve everything from making sure that you aren’t lifting the vehicle with someone inside, to double-checking that your lifting arms are positioned properly under the manufacturer’s recommended lifting points.

Be cognizant of the lift’s weight capacity and take measures to ensure that your vehicle won’t be exceeding it. Additionally, be aware that while the arms do a great job of balancing the vehicle, if you remove a substantial amount of weight from one end of the vehicle, such as the transmission, there might be a slight change in its mid-point. As such, having a supplementary stand to hold the opposite ends of the vehicle can be a worthwhile precaution.

Advantage Lift Safety Features

Advantage car lifts have a few two-post lift safety features of their own:

•Locking Lift Arms. There should be no worry about the arms going out of place if you happen to bump the vehicle while it's in the air. The lift arms automatically lock in place when lifted and disengage as soon as they are at ground level.

•Crossbar Protection. Available on models such as the Advantage AL-SC10, a rubber bar hangs off the crossbar to monitor proper use. If your car collides with it, a switch will be triggered, immediately stopping the ascent, saving your vehicle from any damage.

•Powder Coat Finish. Each lift features a powder coat finish to protect critical components from corrosion, extending the life and stability of the lift.

•Equalizing Cables. With equalizing cables, you can be sure that the load will be lifted and lowered evenly.

There is no need to choose a four-post system strictly for safety reasons. Our two-post systems offer great safety that can be just as good.

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