Scissor lift Replacement standard

How long does the automotive scissor lift need to be upgraded?

We know that the regular maintenance of the lift is very important to prolong the service life of the lift.According to the relevant provisions of the design service life of the equipment and the scrapping life of construction machinery, the home car scissor lift has been used for 10 years, and the main structure and bearing parts of the equipment are worn or fatigued, which has potential safety hazards. Although it has been repaired, its performance still fails to meet the technical requirements, can not guarantee safe production, and the repair cost is too high. It is recommended to upgrade.

Replace it in case of the following conditions!

 1. Scissors arm
a. The support arm of the lift is twisted and deformed, and the deformation is greater than 1.5mm;
b. The connecting hole of the lift arm is deformed or out of round, which is larger than the initial hole size by 0.5mm;
c. Weld cracks or cracks appear on the weldment on the lift arm. If the original size cannot be guaranteed by repair welding, it must be replaced.
d. Fatigue damage or deformation of the supporting part of the middle bearing part of the lift arm is greater than 1mm;

2. Shearlift safety teeth and connectors
a. The safety gear lock of car scissor lift cannot be fully engaged or the fitting clearance after engagement reaches more than 1.5mm;
b. The safety connecting hole is worn, which is more than 1mm larger than the initial fitting clearance;
c. The distortion of the upper safety connecting plate is more than 1.5mm;
d. The connection part of the assembly weldment of the safety mechanism is cracked;

3. Supporting platform
a. In normal use, the lifting fulcrum should be placed in the center of the platform as far as possible. The platform shall not incline inward or outward more than 1 degree after loading;
b. Ensure that the flatness of the worktable is not greater than 5mm; If the deformation of the table top is greater than 3mm, it should be replaced or repaired;
c. The working surface of the sliding block or roller guide rail in the platform should be clean, flat and free of damage;
d. The inner hole of the bearing is matched with the bearing shaft, and the wear of one side of the hole is not more than 0.5mm;
e. The bearing shaft shall ensure reliable axial limit connection. The connection reliability of axial connectors such as shaft retaining ring, set screw and shaft baffle fixing screw should be checked frequently;

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