Choose Right Car Lift for Your Garage

Due to efficiency, speed, safety and convenience that a high-quality car lift provides, the Car lifts are increasingly becoming a more popular choice for amateurs who like to maintaining their own car and families who want to make the most of the limited parking space.
For most consumers, car lifting machine is an affordable option but it is hard for them to choose the right one, mainly because car lifts come in numerous configurations, different sizes and, of course, a range of prices.
Purchasing a car lift is a hefty investment. Thus it's vital for you need to take your time to research your options and learn as much as you can about the products that are available. This quick guide will help steer you in the right direction, you can weigh the pros and cons, so as to get the perfect type of hoist for the job.

Why Buy a Car Lift?

Car lift is an indispensable device if you spend lots of time in your garage repairing cars.
● Most of the essential parts of the car are located on its underside. It’s easier for you to spot wear and tear.
● As most individuals cannot fit under a vehicle without some type of assistance, you can go beneath the vehicle for closer inspection with the car lifts. Car lifts allow you to check for obvious damage or necessary repairs.
● Car lift can simplify regular maintenance checks, making it easier to spot wear and tear that may need attention down the line.
To take your hobby and passion of fixing cars to a whole other level, ensure you have the proper vehicle equipment inside your garage. Make your home garage a comfortable and safe space for elevating and lowering vehicles by using only the best quality car lift available on the market.


Each lift comes with their safety functions to avoid the collapse of your car. The lock bar mechanism is really important when the lift is descending, thus choosing the car lift with the auto-lock mechanism is essential.
Also, choosing the car lift with an all-steel construction which bolted on the ground can make the operational process stable and safe.

Lift speed

The elevator speed is the time required to fully raise or lower the elevator. This specification is essential for people who don’t want to waste time in repairing a car. If you are a hobbyist, slower lifting times can be accepted. For some repair shop, they may need auto shop car lift with quick lift speed.

Ongoing maintenance

The kind of car lift and the type of the maintenance will ultimately decide which car lift is available for you. And a qualified car lift must have reliable and good safety protection measures in the design and manufacturing process, thus it is vital for you to check the below factors before purchasing a car lift:
● Design and manufacture a variety of safety protection devices;
● Select safe and reliable raw materials and processing methods;
● The operation control mechanism should adopt failure protection, that is, any single component and component damage will not cause dangerous situations such as falling and falling of the vehicle;
● Applying test methods to carry out load and 125% overload test to meet the national standard requirements for automotive lifts;
● Wire rope, chain and connecting end should have sufficient safety factor and carry out necessary damage test;
After considering the above factors , you should also consider your current as well as future needs when browsing through the lifts that are available on the market. Purchasing a car lift is a huge investment,  you need to do some research and weight the pros and cons, so as to make the right choice. For more information on cheap car lifts and the selection process, contact Autool today.
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