Daily car maintenance points

1. Check the tire and its tire pressure 

There is a well-known kindergarten family committee meeting, put forward a suggestion, is to ask the school regularly measure the thickness of the bus tire, to ensure the safety of driving. If you drive a car for a long time, the tires wear out, which affects its grip. Driving on the highway, before entering the toll station, rest area, there will be a series of shock belts on the ground, the car before the shock belt, it is necessary to slow down, so as to reduce tire wear. When driving at ordinary times, under the premise of safety, try to avoid emergency braking, can extend the service life of tires and brake lights. 

In addition, we should also pay attention to the tire pressure. Appropriate tire pressure can reduce road vibration, increase driving comfort, and save fuel. 

2. Check the chassis 

In routine maintenance, the staff of the 4S shop will help the owner to check some parts of the chassis, such as brake disc, brake pad, brake pipeline, steering rod ball head, shock absorber and so on. These are to be done by professionals, but the owner of the daily driving, should also pay attention to whether the car is running when there is a strange sound. 

During the process of driving, many parts will loose due to the turbulence and vibration over time. In the process of driving, a car owner heard the sound of "da la da la", stopped the car to check, unexpectedly found the chassis of the car's protection plate droops, hurriedly took the car to the maintenance point to tighten. 

Road trips are now popular. If you travel on slippery and muddy roads, mud will splash onto the chassis. If to some road conditions are not very good, the chassis will be scratched. Therefore, to do a good job of chassis cleaning and rust protection. 

In the process of daily driving, to erect ears, listen to the interior of the car, chassis whether the sound is abnormal, including the sound of the engine is normal and so on, but also help to early detection of problems, maintenance of the car, to ensure driving safety. 

3. Clean the car from the outside in 

The car is dirty to clean, cleaning should pay attention to, do not wash the car parked in the garage, cleaning the remaining moisture in the car volatilized, will cause damage to the car. 

In addition to washing the car, but also clean the interior of the car, such as car seat cushion, car steering wheel cover and car footpads and other easy dirty items, to prevent bacteria breeding, affecting the air in the car. 

The cleaning work of air filter and air conditioner filter can not be ignored. Now the air quality is poor, to replace the air filter regularly according to the maintenance cycle, but also pay attention to the cleaning of the air filter. If the air filter is too dirty, it will reduce the amount of air entering the cylinder, resulting in the decline of the car's dynamic performance and the speed can not be lifted. 

The air conditioning filter should also be cleaned or replaced regularly, otherwise the clogged filter will reduce the air into the evaporation box. Although the air conditioning is open very much, it still does not feel cool. Air conditioning filter is too dirty, may also lead to vehicle odor.

What other parts need to be replaced according to the age? 

The first two years: In the first two years, the new car basically will not have any problems, most of the cars need to replace the battery, two years is also the mandatory replacement period of brake fluid. 
Year 3: Brake skins may have to be replaced. Those who like to slam on the brakes, the car's brake skin is bound to wear more, shorter life. 
The fourth year: This time can focus on checking the shock absorber of the car, may want to replace, including the shock absorber and its spring and plate
Year 5: Check to see if the timing belt needs replacing. Of course, the most important parameter to replace the timing belt is the mileage, not the time.

Some "oil", "water" in the car, how to manage? 

1. Gasoline: often look at the oil gauge on the dashboard, do not let the oil gauge to refuel in the end, if the oil is too low, it will lose the parts of the car. Add gasoline to take the high principle, that is, the better the quality of gasoline, the better for the maintenance of vehicles. Nowadays, some small local gas stations have poor gas quality, so when driving or running long distances, you should fill up at regular gas stations in big cities. 
2. Oil: Generally speaking, oil consumption is not much, the replacement cycle is 5000 kilometers. The use time of imported oil is longer, and some of them need to be replaced only when they reach 10,000 kilometers. There are many kinds of oil, such as blue shell, gray shell, gold Mobil and so on. We must choose good quality oil, which is good for protecting the automobile engine. 
3. Antifreeze: Remember to use antifreeze year-round, even in the summer! Because in addition to the cooling function, antifreeze and summer anti-boiling, rust removal, descaling effect, can reduce the corrosion of the tank, protect the engine. Different brands of antifreeze do not mix, generally two years to replace antifreeze. 
Special reminder under normal circumstances, the freezing point of the antifreeze should generally be lower than the local minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, in case of sudden change in the weather. Some multi - effect antifreeze, its freezing point range between -25℃ and -50℃. Owners living in the south, driving to the north in winter, must pay attention to the use of their car antifreeze, whether to meet the needs of vehicles in the north. If you accidentally freeze the engine, it's bad. 
The car involved in the "oil", "water" a lot, and other brake oil (manufacturers generally require 50,000 kilometers or so to replace), steering power oil (100,000 kilometers or so to replace), and so on, to see their own vehicle maintenance manual, you can understand the replacement cycle, because of different models, driving differences, the actual replacement cycle is different. 

If the car is parked for a long time, it does not need maintenance, right? 

The car is not used for a long time, but also needs maintenance. First of all, the battery will discharge naturally. The solution is to take the battery to a repair shop to be recharged when the car is off. At the same time, the loss of oil in the lubrication system of the vehicle is treated by replacing high-quality oil, which can make the oil adhere to the parts for a longer time. Usually the car weight of one or two tons, long-term use of vehicles, shock absorber system hardening, will make spring and shock absorber effect weakened. 
Some owners will give the car cover on the car cover, at this time, must choose a high quality cover. When the outer layer of the car cover is exposed to wind and rain, the inner layer of the inferior car cover will also be repeatedly drawn taxi paint, drawing many small scratches on the car body.
A long time does not open the car, the first time to restart, may wish to idle for more than 15 minutes, is just started to travel within 15 minutes, the speed had better not exceed 40 kilometers. 


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