Two Post Lift Replacement standard

How long does the 2 post lifting machine need to be updated?

At present, there is no very clear regulation on how long the lift needs to be upgraded. It depends on the maintenance frequency of the lift, the stability of the structure itself, the use environment and other factors.

Replacement standard of two post lift

(1) Synchronous wire rope replacement conditions

a. The number of broken wires per twist length is up to 10;

b. The radial corrosion or wear of the steel wire of the steel wire rope reaches 30% of the original diameter;

c. Use for more than three years or more than 6000 times;

(2)Column guide rail

a. 8-10 years of normal use;

b. The wear of the working surface of the column guide rail is up to 0.5mm

c. The deformation of the column causes the increase of the fitting clearance, which leads to the forward inclination of the sliding table and the sagging of the bracket

d. Column weld crack or bend crack


a. The sagging deformation of the bracket shall not be greater than 1 degree;

b. It has been in normal use for 8-10 years;

c. Cracks or tears appear at the front end of the bracket square tube;

d. The connecting hole between the bracket and the pin shaft is deformed, and the fitting gap is 1mm;

(4)Safety lock

a. The bearing part of the safety hook is worn or deformed;

b. The safety hook has been used continuously for more than 5 years;

c. The fuse cannot reset or bite the locking teeth;

(5)Steel wire rope axle sleeve

a. The wear causes the clearance between the shaft and the shaft sleeve to be greater than 1mm;

b. Cracks on the working surface;

c. Uneven wear of wheel groove reaches 3mm;


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