Are you having trouble deciding if you need a 2-post lift or a 4-post lift? Perhaps you’re just unsure of all the differences between them. Buying the right car lift can help you increase efficiency and savings in your shop. Most importantly, you should buy your car lifts from a reliable manufacturer.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an automotive professional, your work needs maximum garage space. If you’re thinking about installing lifts, you should ask yourself: do I need a 2-post lift or a 4-post lift?

1. When to choose a 2-post lift ?

2-post automotive lifts are best for repairing tires, brakes, and suspensions. An arm is attached from each post lift to the center of the vehicle. This enables you to access and repair vehicles safely and comfortably.
A 2-post lift is a versatile piece of equipment, making it perfect for small cars and most residential garages.

2. When to choose a 4 post lift ?

4-post automotive lifts are built for parking and storage. They carry and stabilize all four wheels on the lift, which lets you safely park one car on top of another. With these types of lifts, you can drive onto the lift, raise it with a touch of a button, and park another car below.

3. Which is the best lift for me ?

When it comes to purchasing a lift, there are two important factors: price and purpose. You should first be familiar with your budget. Then, you need to identify the situation in which you’ll use your lift, like whether you’re interested in repairing or storing your vehicle.

If you want to regularly service your car by yourself, then a 2-post lift is the right choice for you. You can also use a 2-post lift to store one car at a time. If you want a lift that’s more specialized for storage purposes, then a 4-post lift is more appropriate. It’ll also be more ideal for servicing your car.

As an added benefit, you can get the benefits of both types of lifts by purchasing a 4-post lift and a separate sliding jack. These two pieces of equipment can be bundled together to save cost.

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