Four post lift machine use method and precautions

1.Load operation of the lift

(1) After driving the car onto the working platform, tighten the brake handbrake and the driver will withdraw from the working platform.

(2) The anti-skid support will be reliably pad in the front and rear of the car tire.

(3) Under the condition of no air supply, press the rise button to raise the working platform to the required height.

(4) Click the down button, so that the four hooks are reliably supported on the hanging plate, then you can enter the work area for maintenance or adjustment.

(5) After the repair or adjustment work is completed, click the rise button, the characteristics of the car lift will be the reversing valve to the air supply position, so that the four hooks out of the hanging plate, press the down button, the working platform down.

(6) When the working platform drops to the lower limit position, remove the anti-skid support and drive the car away from the working platform.

2. Precautions for use

(1) Special personnel should be assigned to operate, maintain and repair the lifting equipment of the automobile lifting machine. It is prohibited to operate the lifting machine without reading this manual and without operation qualification.

(2) The location of the car parking should make its center of gravity close to the center of gravity of the working platform.

(3) Overload operation is strictly prohibited.

(4) In the lifting process of the working platform, no personnel shall stay on or under the working platform.

(5) It is forbidden to run the machine in the case of failure.

(6) Personnel can enter the work area only after ensuring that the four safety hooks are up.

(7) The car staying on the working platform must tighten the handbrake and pad the anti-skid support.

(8) When the lift is not in use, it should be lowered to the position and cut off the power supply.

(9) After a period of time, the steel wire rope will be elongated to different degrees, so that the working platform is uneven and the four hooks can not be hung synchronously. At this time, the length of the wire rope should be adjusted in time.

(10) Maintenance and overhaul of the machine shall be carried out in strict accordance with this instruction manual.



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