Correctly Use The Four Wheel Aligner

Many technical personnel have some vague understanding of the use of four wheel alignment instrument, there are some misunderstandings in the operation, and even do not know the strict standards of complete repair of the vehicle, in this for the use of four wheel alignment instrument, talk about how to use the four wheel alignment instrument.

Scientific four wheel aligner operation process
How to make four wheel positioning to ensure accurate measurement?

The main operation process of four-wheel positioning is as follows: conduct road test with customers to reproduce and confirm the fault phenomenon: check the height of the body, check the tire, check the wear condition of the suspension parts and components related to the fault phenomenon (such as the brake system and the gliding condition of the vehicle when the vehicle is inclined to run), replace or repair if necessary; Conduct four wheel alignment detection and adjustment. Conduct road test with the customer to confirm whether the fault is eliminated.

Several reasons for measurement error
To evaluate the result of a four wheel alignment, the first thing is to look at the test accuracy. In order to do the measurement work well, the accuracy of the test must be fully guaranteed, which must pay great attention to the possible errors. A good technician must have a clear understanding of where errors can occur and how to minimize them. There are three possible errors in the measurement of the four-wheel locator:

1.Errors caused by equipment components

The four wheel locator has self-test software and the function of checking measurement accuracy, as well as the operation guidance of adjusting the sensor to the exact position. Measurement errors may occur if non-standard operations or incomplete maintenance are performed on the measuring equipment.

2.Errors caused by the measuring platform

Some manufacturers of four wheel positioning instrument has plane calibration function, for the small error of the measurement platform can be corrected automatically through the correction program, but if the four wheel positioning instrument does not have this function, it is necessary to pay attention to the error caused by the measurement platform. The four wheel positioning instrument requires high accuracy, so the positioning instrument based on gravity puts forward higher requirements on the measuring platform:

1) The measuring platform should be placed in the workshop so that the car can run straight up.

2) In the selection of measurement with four post lifting machine to take into account: in the four pillar measuring plate, through two or even three working height adjustment so that the car track can be accurately calibrated, in order to get good stability.

3.Minimize operation errors

To avoid operating errors, many four-wheel aligner provide a help text. Some four wheel aligner can measure each step through the "?" Or "Confirm/cancel" to get help. This prevents improper operations from affecting the location. Operating errors always exist, errors are unavoidable, but can be minimized. Four wheel positioning is a very rigorous and complex detection process. Only by combining the professional theory of the system with the rich positioning practice can the four wheel positioning instrument do a good job of "positioning" for the vehicle.

Avoid getting into the daily usage trap
At present, there are still many misunderstandings in the use of four wheel positioning device by domestic maintenance technicians. In addition to the lack of sufficient professional theoretical knowledge, many cases are the lack of necessary understanding of four-wheel positioning operation common sense, which is mainly shown in the following several aspects

1) The basic information is ignored during the positioning operation.

2) In the test of four-wheel drive off-road vehicles and elongated vehicles, the car or equipment is often not re-debugged.

3) When four wheel positioning, only two front wheels are made to adjust the camber, without special camber adjuster, and the rear Angle of kingpin is almost not adjusted.

4) Improper adjustment sequence leads to inaccurate positioning

Calibrate the four wheel aligner regularly
In order to maintain the long-term accurate reliability of the four-wheel locator, the four wheel locator based on gravity needs to be calibrated regularly (which can be divided into three months, six months or one year).
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