Four wheel alignment help you

Four wheel alignment help to extend the life of the car


In general, when will you need to do four-wheel positioning? This requires us to have a clear understanding, for example, after driving a new car for 3,000 kilometers; after driving for 10,000 kilometers or six months; when the car goes straight, the car is biased; the steering wheel is skewed and so on. It is very important to choose professionals and quality four-wheel aligners. So why is four-wheel positioning helpful in extending the life of the car?


Generally speaking, four-wheel positioning refers to the positioning angle of the suspension system when the vehicle leaves the factory. These positioning angles are preset according to the design requirements to ensure the safety of the vehicle. The above angle refers to the suspension system and activities. The angle between the parts and the correct four-wheel alignment angle ensure the straightness of the vehicle, the handling and the recovery of the steering system, avoid damage and loss of precision due to improper bearing force, and ensure that the tire is tightly coupled to the ground. To reduce the improper wear of the tires and ensure the stability of the car when turning.



In addition, the purpose of the four-wheel alignment is to diagnose and treat the above-mentioned discomfort symptoms of the vehicle by the positioning angle measurement. It is divided into front wheel positioning and rear wheel positioning. The front wheel positioning includes the caster back rake angle, the kingpin tilt angle, and the front wheel. The dip angle and the front wheel front are four elements, and the rear wheel positioning includes the wheel camber and the front wheel toe. After driving a new car for a period of time, there will be abnormal wear of the tires, accelerated wear of the parts, sinking of the steering wheel, deviation of the vehicle, and increased fuel consumption. These will lead to a decline in the performance of the car. To eliminate these abnormalities, it is necessary to maintain The most effective way to achieve stable performance is to make four-wheel alignment. It not only ensures the normal running of the car, but also prolongs the service life of the tire while saving fuel consumption.

In fact, the reality is that the four-wheel alignment plays an important role in the normal driving of the car. The majority of the riders must not be neglected, especially to extend their service life.

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