How often is it best to maintain the car?

Cars, like people, also need maintenance, in order to use the more smooth, if you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the car, may bring hidden dangers to you.

Different brands of car maintenance cycle is different, you can according to the owner's manual to check their own maintenance cycle. The usual maintenance cycle is 6 months, 8 months, 12 months, the replacement cycle of parts is not the same, some by year, some by damage. Maintenance items are divided into minor maintenance and major maintenance. Minor maintenance usually refers to routine maintenance items carried out within the time or mileage required by the manufacturer to ensure vehicle characteristics after a certain distance. It mainly includes replacing the oil and oil filter element. Minor maintenance time depends on the used oil and oil filter element effective time or mileage. The validity period of different brands of mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil and synthetic oil is different. The manufacturer's suggestion shall prevail. Oil filters are usually divided into conventional filters and long - lasting filters. The traditional oil filter element is replaced with the oil, and the long-lasting oil filter element can be used for a longer time. Oil is the oil that runs an engine. It lubricates, cleans, cools, seals and reduces wear and tear on the engine. Oil filter Element machine is a component used to filter oil. Oil contains certain colloid, debris, water and additives; In the operation of the engine, the metal chips formed by the friction of various parts, the impurities in the inhaled air body, the oxidizing substances in the oil and so on. Are the filter target of the oil filter element. Major maintenance refers to the daily maintenance of oil and oil filter, air filter and gasoline filter according to the time or mileage required by the manufacturer. Major repairs are based on the presence of minor repairs, and usually the two are done alternately. Because of the difference of the car brand, the recommendation of the manufacturer should actually be the standard. In addition to changing the oil and oil filter, there are the following two items in the major maintenance of the car :1. Air filter. The engine should take in a lot of air during operation. If empty air is not filtered, the dust in it will accelerate the damage of the piston set and cylinder. When large particles enter the piston and cylinder between, can also cause serious cylinder pull. The function of the air filter element is to filter out the dust and particles in the air body to ensure that a certain amount of clean air enters the cylinder. 2. The role of gasoline filter and gasoline filter element is to provide clean fuel for the engine and filter out moisture and impurities in the gasoline. It further optimizes the engine characteristics and provides the best guarantee for the engine.

Often hear people say "big maintenance", "small maintenance", what is the difference? 

Just like people need regular medical check-ups, it is recommended to do a "minor maintenance" on the car every 5,000 kilometers. The oil filter and oil will be changed during "minor maintenance". Do maintenance to choose the regular 4S shop, although the price is a little more expensive, but the quality is guaranteed. 

Do large maintenance, to replace the "three filter", that is, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter and oil. At present, most cars use gasoline fuel, so the so-called fuel filter is gasoline filter, referred to as "steam filter". The function of the "steam filter" is to filter out the impurities produced by the combustion of gasoline. 

After the vehicle is driven for a long time, a lot of impurities will accumulate in the oil filter and gasoline filter, leading to insufficient gasoline combustion, reducing fuel efficiency and increasing fuel consumption, so it should be replaced regularly. And the air filter will also accumulate dust, bacteria, if not replaced, such air circulation in the car, will affect human health. 

"Big maintenance" will generally replace the maintenance of "three filters", according to the condition of the vehicle, maintenance personnel will also propose to replace the spark plug (roughly driving more than 30,000 kilometers), brake fluid (roughly driving more than 40,000 kilometers) and so on.

Generally speaking, large maintenance is based on small maintenance, and the two kinds of maintenance are carried out alternately, with different time intervals due to the differences in car brands and vehicle damage. 


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