Four wheel alignment machine use

How to solve the problem of steering wheel failure

The problems that arise from steering wheel failures are:

The free travel of the steering wheel is too large, reflecting the increase in the total accumulated clearance in the steering system. In order to drive safely, it is necessary to carry out maintenance in time.

The car is deviated during driving, and the steering wheel is difficult to master. If the car is driving on a straight road, in order to ensure straight travel, the steering wheel must be firmly held, otherwise the ability to travel straight, or the steering wheel will automatically rotate when braking, the car will be biased towards the road one side. The reasons for the deviation of the vehicle are: the front wheel is not positioned correctly, the front wheel and the bearing gap on both sides are inconsistent, the tire specifications on both sides of the front wheel or the air pressure are different, and the suspension springs on both sides have different camber or elastic force. The front and rear wheelbases on the left and right sides of the vehicle are too different, the wheel brake clearance is too small or the brake drum is out of round, causing one side brake to issue cards, dragging, and uneven vehicle load.

When the vehicle reaches a certain high speed, it feels unstable when driving. This is often caused by the front wheel swaying head, or it may be that the steering mechanism is worn more heavily and the front wheel is not properly calibrated. Of course, if the tire is over-inflated, the tire pressure is too high and the grounding area is reduced, which will also cause the direction to drift.

Feeling heavy and laborious when turning. The main reason for this is that the amount of oil in the hydraulic assist system is insufficient or the oil is degraded, resulting in a drop in hydraulic pressure.The tire pressure is under pressure, especially the front tire pressure is insufficient, the steering resistance is too large, and the dust jacket on the left and right drive shafts of the front drive is broken.There are sand or debris entering the steering cage, causing excessive wear resistance. It may also be that the ball joint of the steering drive train or the transmission pair lacks oil lubrication, and the front wheel is improperly positioned, such as the front beam and the backward tilt angle are not adjusted properly. After the collision, the repair is not complete. The front axle or the frame is bent and deformed. The ball of the vertical tie rod and the tie rod is too tightly adjusted, and the bearing is damaged or poorly lubricated.


Four wheel alignment machine can effectively solve the above problems

The automobile four wheel alignment machine is used to detect the vehicle wheel positioning parameters and compare with the original design parameters to guide the user to adjust the wheel positioning parameters to meet the original design requirements to achieve the desired vehicle driving performance. Precision measuring instruments that are light, stable and reliable, and reduce the wear of tires.

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