How to use the lift

How to use the lifting machine How to use the lifting machine and matters needing attention 

The correct use of the lift: 

1. Before use, remove the equipment and debris near the lifting machine that hinder operation, and check whether the operation handle is normal; 

2. The operation mechanism is sensitive and effective, the hydraulic system is not allowed to crawl; 

3. When supporting the vehicle, the four support angles should be on the same plane, and the height of the support Angle rubber pad should be adjusted to contact the support part of the vehicle chassis; 

4. The vehicle can not be supported too high, after the support of the four brackets to lock; 

5. After the lifting vehicle enters, the lifting machine support block should be adjusted and moved to correct the lifting point specified by the model; 

6. Lifting personnel should leave the vehicle, lift to the required height, must insert the safety lock pin and ensure safety and reliability before starting to work under the car.



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