How to Lift a Car

Positioning the Car Jack

1.Place the jack underneath the frame, preferably at the specified jack points of the vehicle. These points can be found in the owner's manual.

2.Slowly raise the jack to meet the jack point until the two touch and it becomes slightly difficult to raise.

3.Check to make sure the head and jack point haven't shifted during the initial jack raise. If everything is copasetic, continue!

Raising the Car

1.Raise the jack either by pumping the handle or spinning the more compact rod tool, which is usually found in your car.

2.Lift slowly. As the jack takes the weight of the vehicle, it will become harder to raise.

3.Stop at the desired height. Continue to lift the jack until you reach the point where you can access the part of the vehicle you need to finish the job.

NOTE: Never work underneath a vehicle, or even just crawl under for any reason, while it's supported only by a jack.

Securing the Car

1.Once you have it at the desired height, place jack stands underneath non-articulating points under the car (e.g., frame, subframe, engine cradle).

2.Adjust the jack stands to the desired height to keep the vehicle in the air.

3.Gently lower the jack by either twisting the pump-action handle or twisting the knob on the more common spare tire jack. The frame should catch the jack stands giving you more than enough clearance to work with.

4.Check that each jack stand is in place properly. Shake the car slightly to make sure it's set firmly.

You've done it! Congrats.

Repeating the Process

Repeat these steps for each wheel you have to lift to get the desired work done. If you are changing a tire, for example, you only have to lift one wheel and then lower it. Some other automotive repairs and services require two or more wheels to be lifted, so check to see what the guides are for your specific job.


1.Reposition the jack at the point you used before.

2.Raise it until it takes the weight of the vehicle and lets the jack stands move freely.

Remove the jack stands

Lower the vehicle until it rests on the ground.


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