Two post lift and wheel aligner

  Design principles of the two post car lift: The two post car lift is used for accurate measurement of the damaged body to provide damage and repair data. It has mechanical measuring system, electronic measuring system and laser measuring system and other types. Automobile repair shop, automobile 4S shop and other places to correct the body of the accident car. The car body to be repaired is positioned and clamped on the correction machine, and the force opposite to the collision direction is applied by the stretching system to restore the deformation of the car body. The principle of technological advancement: optimize product performance, establish the design idea of "small and fine" in the structural design, and save the use of resources as much as possible through the miniaturization of products under the same performance; Overall benefit principle:Considering the additional impact of the product on the environment, provide information about the composition of the product, such as the type of material and its recycling performance.

  The principle of the best utilization of resources:use less scarce or rare raw materials, try to find their replacement materials, and use waste, residual or recycled materials as raw materials; The principle of less energy loss: on the basis of ensuring the durability of the product, give the product a reasonable service life, and strive to reduce the energy consumption during the use of the product; Zero pollution principle: try to use less or no toxic and harmful raw materials. 

  If the data suggested in your vehicle's manual is the same as the data in the four-wheel locator computer, it is universal. Generally speaking, four-wheel alignment is required in the following situations. After replacement of a new tire or collision repair; Front and rear tires one-sided off-wear; The steering wheel is too heavy or wobbly when driving; When going straight, the car runs off to the left or right; Although there is no above situation, for maintenance purposes, it is recommended that the new car be driven for 3 months, and then half a year or 10,000 kilometers once.

  Four-wheel alignment is one of the necessary work contents of vehicle maintenance. Unless there are obvious problems related to four-wheel positioning before doing it, such as poor straight stability, you can feel it immediately after four-wheel positioning, otherwise it is difficult to judge whether you are doing well by feeling. Due to the good and bad of the auto repair industry, the maintenance quality is very different, so it is recommended that you try to the best maintenance enterprise maintenance to ensure the quality of four-wheel positioning and ensure driving safety. Its benefits include: enhanced driving comfort; Reduce gasoline consumption; Increase tire life; Ensure the straight stability of the vehicle; Reduce wear on chassis suspension accessories; Enhance driving safety.

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