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Maintenance of slider for detailed maintenance of home car lift

Under good working conditions, home garage lifts can not only liberate a lot of labor, but also greatly improve the maintenance efficiency. However, in daily operation, we often ignore the maintenance of small parts. In fact, just like people need regular "physical examination", in the "physical examination" and "maintenance", we can find and prevent those small defects!
Today, we take the lift slider as an example. When the slider is worn, what problems and potential safety hazards may occur?

●During maintenance, it is found that there is a jam between the slide and the column.
●The clearance between the sliding block and the column is too large, causing the maintenance vehicle to swing and shake when it is locked.
●Shaking occurs when lifting the vehicle.
These problems will accelerate the wear rate of the slider. If the wear is serious, it will threaten the safety of personnel and vehicles during maintenance.

●If it is found that the slide block in the slide is worn at the initial stage, it is necessary to grease the slide (as shown in the operation diagram below).
●Under normal conditions, the slider needs to be replaced after three years or wear ≥ 1mm;
When the auto car lifts is used frequently, the wear degree of the slider will be relatively faster. At this time, we need to regularly check the wear of the slider. If the wear amount is ≥ 1mm, please also replace the slider immediately.

*Warm reminder
Maintenance masters, during your daily maintenance, you also need to check the wear of the slider in the slideway. If you find wear, add grease or replace the slider according to the wear degree. To ensure the normal operation of the lift and the normal maintenance.

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