Two post lift safty operation

Two post lift has been widely used in automobile repair and maintenance. The correct operation of the 2 post lifting machine can effectively avoid the personal and vehicle safety accidents caused by improper operation. We hoped that all lift operators can operate the lift according to the specifications to protect their own safety and the safety of maintenance vehicles!

Safety inspection before lifting operation

Safety inspection before lifting operation is very important to avoid safety accidents caused by the lifting machine. The specific inspection steps are as follows.
1. Check whether all buttons are sensitive and can be reset automatically, and stop immediately after leaving.
2. When operating the lowering button, check whether the safety lock can be reset automatically and whether it is sensitive and effective.
3. Check whether the sliding platforms on both sides operate synchronously to ensure that the vehicle will not tilt.
4. Check whether the arm lock of the lifting bracket can be locked automatically.
5. Check whether the rubber pad is intact. The rubber pad plays an anti-skid role in the lifting process.
6. Check the steel wire rope, and there shall be no broken wire or rust.
7. Check the oil pipe joint to ensure that there is no oil leakage.

Procedure for lifting the vehicle

During the lifting process of the vehicle, pay attention to ensure that the center of gravity of the vehicle is stable, the lifting fulcrum is correct, and the fuse is locked before operation. The specific lifting steps of the vehicle are as follows.
1.Drive the vehicle into the center of the lift. The vehicle head should be placed on a short boom.
2.Adjust the lifting arm to the lower part of the correct lifting support point to ensure that the center of gravity of the vehicle is located at the center of the four lifting arms. Precautions are as follows: lift the vehicle according to the lifting point position specified by the vehicle manufacturer. If necessary, refer to the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer to determine the correct lifting point position; The rubber pad shall be placed in the middle below the recommended lifting position of the vehicle, and the rubber pad shall be adjusted as required to achieve uniform contact.
3. Adjust the height of the pad to make it contact with the lifting point of the vehicle. Note: if a vehicle with a high chassis is lifted and the standard tray cannot reach the lifting point, a height bracket or a quick arm is required. The quick arm can be quickly adjusted to the appropriate height without rotating the tray, which saves time.
4.Turn on the power switch, and gently press the up button on the electronic control box until the pad of the lifting arm touches the support point of the vehicle.
5.Continue to rise slowly. Stop the lift when the tire of the vehicle is about 0.32 feet off the ground, and then check whether the support position of the vehicle is deviated and whether the arm lock is locked automatically. If there is any problem, lower the vehicle to the ground and adjust it again!
6. After confirmation, lift the vehicle to a proper height, check whether the vehicle is safe, then press the lock button on the electrical control box to lock the mechanical safety lock, and then turn off the power before entering the vehicle for work. In order to ensure that the lift will not fall suddenly even if the hydraulic system suddenly loses control, please be sure to operate the lock button and lock the fuse!

Lower the lifted vehicle to the ground

Before lowering the lifted vehicle to the ground, it is necessary to ensure that the center of gravity of the lifted vehicle is stable, the lifting fulcrum is correct, and the fuse is locked before operation. The specific operation steps are as follows.
1.Clean the goods under and around the vehicle to ensure that there are no personnel and goods under the vehicle.
2. Turn on the power supply, press the down button, the lifting machine  will automatically rise by 0.16 feet, disengage the safety lock, the electromagnet will work, and the lifting machine will descend. Note: during the lowering of the lift, the operator must pay attention to the lift. When the lifting vehicle has height error, it must be lowered!
3.When the boom is fully lowered, the boom lock will automatically disengage, pull the boom open and drive out of the vehicle.
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