Safety operation rules for lifting machine use precautions

1, before use, we should be familiar with the operation essentials of the lifting machine, remove the equipment and debris near the lifting machine that hinder the operation, check the lifting platform (frame, arm), and check whether the operation handle is normal, and check the safety protection device. If the performance is not normal, it should be excluded before operation.

2, the operation mechanism is sensitive and effective, the hydraulic system does not allow crawling phenomenon, should choose the correct vehicle support position, the center of gravity of long and short supporting column, in order to obtain a reasonable supporting position. The bottom of the car should use the appropriate rubber intermediate layer, rubber cushion and the car is not allowed to pad into the wood pad.

3, the weight of the lifting vehicle should be less than the rated lifting weight of the lifting machine. When the vehicle is lifted about 10cm from the ground, it should stop lifting to the required height, and the safety pin lock must be inserted, and the vehicle is supported safely and securely with appropriate supports, before the staff can enter the following operation.

4, the lifting machine is strictly prohibited when someone is working. After the lifting vehicle enters, the support block of the lifting machine should be adjusted and moved to correct the lifting point specified by the vehicle. Except for secondary maintenance and minor repair items, other cumbersome maintenance operations shall not be carried out on the lift. In the process of lifting and descending, no one is allowed under the car being lifted.

5. When supporting the car, the vehicle can not be supported too high, and the last four brackets should be locked. The four supporting angles should be on the same plane, and the height of the supporting Angle rubber pad should be adjusted to make it contact with the supporting parts of the vehicle chassis. The lifting goods shall not take off frequently, and the lifting shall be stable and the landing shall be slow when the car is supported. If it is found that the operation mechanism of the lifting machine is not working, the motor is not synchronous, the bracket is unstable or the hydraulic part leaks oil, it should be reported for repair in time, and the lifting machine should not be allowed to work with illness.

6. Before the lifting machine lands, the table below the bracket must be cleaned to prevent the normal operation of the lower limit switch from being affected by the foreign body cushion the bracket, resulting in the bracket falling through.

7. Periodically (half a year) eliminate water in the lifting oil cylinder, and check and measure. If the measurement is insufficient, the same brand of pressure oil should be injected in time, and the lubrication, transmission gear and chain of the lifting machine should be checked.

8. After the maintenance operation is completed, the debris around the lifting machine should be removed in time and the power supply should be cut off, and the site around the lifting machine should be cleaned to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the operating site.



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