The type and use method of lifting machine

The type of lifting machine is divided into: two post lift machine, four post lift machine, scissors lift machine.

A, The use of two post lift machine 

  1. Operation and use requirements 

a The lifting arm should be reduced to the minimum length as far as possible. The lifting rubber pad should be placed in the middle of the vehicle below the recommended lifting part, and the lifting rubber pad should be adjusted for uniform contact. 

b First lift the lifting arm to the lifting rubber pad to fully contact the vehicle. Check for firm load. 

c Slowly lift the vehicle from the ground to ensure balanced load before lifting to the required working height. 

d Release the rise button and lower the vehicle to the safe position, then the maintenance height can be carried out. 

e Lift the vehicle before putting down the vehicle, turn on the safety insurance, press the down button to slowly lower the vehicle until the lifting arm is lowered to the lowest level, remove the lifting arm, and drive out of the vehicle.

  1. Maintenance Requirements (monthly) 

o Check and tighten the anchor screws. 

o Lubricate the chain/cable with spray lubricant. 

o Check all chains, connectors, bolts and pins to ensure they are secure and secure. 

o Visually inspect all hydraulic lines for possible wear. 

o Check whether the slide on the inside of the column is lubricated correctly and timely replenishment of high quality heavy lubricating grease. All anchor screws should be completely tightened. If any screw does not work for some reason, the hoist should not be used until the bolt is replaced.

  1. Carry out maintenance projects every six months 
  2. Visual inspection of possible wear of all moving parts. 
  3. Check the lubrication of all pulleys. If the pulleys drag during the lifting, appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be added to the axle. 
  4. Check and adjust the tension of the balancing cable to ensure the horizontal lifting of the hoist. 
  5. Check the perpendicularity of the column body, and apply weight to the inner Angle of each column 

Lubricating oil lubrication, in order to reduce the friction of the slider to a minimum, in order to ensure the smooth and uniform lifting of the lift machine.

B, Four post lift machine use method and precautions 

Method of using four post lift machine 

(1) Before each use: 

  1. Daily inspection of relevant parts according to the instructions. 
  2. Check whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is normal. 

(2) No load test must be carried out before each use, according to the following process 

  1. Turn on the power switch. 
  2. Press the rise button, and the working platform should rise normally. Release the button, the working platform should be able to stop reliably. 
  3. Stop after rising to a certain height and hang up the working platform. At this time, the four hooks must be able to be reliably hung on the hanging plate in the column. 
  4. When rotating the reversing valve for air supply, the four hooks should be completely free from the scraper. 
  5. Press the down button, and the working platform shall descend at a normal speed. Release the down button, and the working platform shall be able to stop reliably. 

(3) Load operation of lifting machine 

  1. After driving the car on the working platform, tighten the brake handbrake and the driver will leave the working platform. 
  2. Cushion the anti-skid support reliably on the rear and front of the automobile tire. 
  3. Under the condition of no air supply, press the rise button to raise the working platform to the required height. 
  4. Click the down button to ensure that the four hooks are reliably supported on the hanging plate before entering the work area for maintenance and adjustment. 
  5. After the repair or adjustment work is completed, click the rise button, turn the reversing valve to the air supply position, and make the four hooks free from the hanging plate. Press the down button, and the working platform will be lowered. 
  6. When the working platform is lowered to the lower limit, remove the anti-skid support and move the car away from the working platform.

Four post lift machine use precautions

(1) Special personnel should be assigned to operate, maintain and repair the lifting equipment. It is prohibited to operate the lifting machine without reading the manual and without operation qualification.

(2) The location of the car parking should make its center of gravity close to the center of gravity of the working platform.

(3) overload operation is strictly prohibited.

(4) In the lifting process of the working platform, any personnel shall not stay under the loading working platform.

(5) Forbid the machine to run in the case of failure.

(6) Personnel can enter the work area only after the four safety hooks are confirmed to be put up.

(7) The car staying on the working platform must tighten the handbrake and pad the anti-skid support.

(8) When the lift is not in use, it should be lowered to the lowest position and cut off the power supply.

(9) After the lift is used for a period of time, the wire rope will be stretched to different degrees, so that the working platform can not be synchronously hung up less than four hooks. At this time, the length of the wire rope should be adjusted in time.

(10) Maintenance and overhaul of the machine shall be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions.

  1. Wire rope

(1) Daily inspection: It should be carried out once a day to check the fixed place of the wire rope and the visible part of the wire rope.

(2) Regular inspection: at least once a week, carried out by the supervisor.

(3) Check the length of the rope: the fixed part of the rope; The point at which the rope bypasses the pulley; Rope end fixing device; The slide of the rope and its fixtures; Breakage and corrosion of rope.

Under any of the following circumstances, the wire rope should be scrapped:

(1) When there are more than 9 external broken wires within 72mm length or more than 19 wires within 350mm length.

(2) When there are broken wires gathered in the same strand or concentrated in a very short range.

(3) When the whole rope strand is broken.

(4) Due to wear, the outer diameter of the wire rope is reduced by more than 7%, and there is obvious wear inside the wire rope.

(5) When other damage of the wire rope, such as internal corrosion, wire rope deformation, rope core damage.

  1. Hydraulic box

(1) The oil level of the hydraulic tank: the oil level should be checked every time through the oil mark. When the oil level is lower than the oil mark, the hydraulic oil No.30 should be added in time. When refueling, the mailbox plug can be removed and the oil is refueled through the tank port.

(2) Replacement of hydraulic oil: the equipment will be replaced once after three months, and once a year thereafter. When changing oil, the mailbox will be cleaned first and then injected with No. 30 hydraulic oil.

(3) the setting pressure of the safety valve: check once a year, you can screw off the plug on the tank seat, install the pressure gauge to observe, adjust the safety valve tightening.

C, The use of scissors lift and matters needing attention

(1) Before working, remove obstacles around and below the machine.

(2) When lifting, no one can be in the designated area of the lift machine and the vehicle below the machine and the platform.

(3) cannot lift vehicles or other goods beyond the lifting capacity of the machine.

(4) When lifting, the rubber pad should be placed under the chassis of the vehicle.

(5) Observe whether the lifting machine platform is synchronized at any time during the lifting process, and stop the machine in time for detection if any abnormality is found

  1. Usage methods and precautions

(1) Remove obstacles around and below the machine before work

(2) When lifting and lowering, there should be no one in the designated area of the lift machine and the vehicle below the machine and on the platform

(3) cannot lift vehicles or other goods beyond the lifting capacity of the machine

(4) When lifting, the rubber pad should be placed under the chassis of the vehicle

(5) Observe whether the lifting machine platform is synchronized at any time during the lifting process. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine in time, check and troubleshoot the fault before it can be put into use

(6) During the descending operation, first raise the lifting platform a little, and pay attention to whether the two jaws and teeth are completely detached, otherwise stop the descending

(7) When the machine is not used for a long time or overnight, the platform should be lowered to the lowest position, and drive away the vehicle, and cut off the power supply.

2, lifting machine maintenance and maintenance

(1) It should be operated by trained operators

(2) At all hinge shafts of the machine, oil can be added once a week

(3), insurance rack and upper sliding block and other moving parts, add grease once a month

(4) Replace the hydraulic oil once a year, and the oil level should be kept at the upper limit for a long time

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