Types of four post lifts

Handling has some of the best engineered four post lifts in the market. These are some of our most popular lift models.

1. Automotive Four Post Lift

With a lifting capacity of up to 18,000 lbs., the automotive four-post lift is a favourite in the assembly, auto repair, and maintenance industry. This four-post lift can be custom designed to your specifications and meets all industry standards.

The automotive four post lift moves items at impressive speeds of up to10 inches per second thanks to the four high-efficiency ball screws.

2. Four Posts Electric Chain Lift

This vertical assembly station has a lifting capacity of 2,000 lbs. and caters to end-of-line assembly inspection on small tractors and utility vehicles. This four post lift provides a reliable cycle throughout the lift and lower process and can lift at any height.

The four post electrical chain is mechanical and runs on electricity.

3. Engine Rollover and Lift Stations

Boasting a whooping capacity of 196,000 lbs., the engine roll-over and lift station allows for easier positioning in assembling and maintenance work. This four post lift uses mechanical actuation and is mainly used to position reciprocating engines during manufacturing operations, and is customizable to your specifications.

4. Custom Vertical Assembly Station

This four post lift is used to position technicians at the position as they build turbines. The iris opening lets technicians build the turbine through the exceptional placement around the opening's diameter powered by a hydraulic system.

Lifting and lowering are actualized by four ball screws placed at each column, driven by mechanically synchronized motors. Technician's safety is incorporated through the 48-degree pitched staircase.

Fall safe and limit switches protect operators and machinery from injury and damage.

Handling has successfully customized vertical assembly stations for rotor assembly and vertical assembly.

5. The Moveable Ceiling for Fire Testing

Popularly used in the insurance industry, the moveable ceiling is a specialized four-post lift for conducting fire testing for insurance purposes with a capacity of 330,000 lbs. The lift comes equipped with sprinkler systems where it's placed over a client's products or environment then ignited to test for fire readiness and safety. Once the fire's extinguished, a laboratory reviews the results and advises the client on the measures they need to implement to improve safety.

6. Cargovator/Pit Lift

The Cargovator boasts a capacity of over 62,000 lbs. and can stop motion with full loads without experiencing downward creep. This is an essential factor in ensuring safety while lifting machinery such as turbine engines and gas compressors for assembly and disassembly.

7. Wing Assembly Platforms

Wing assembly platforms are four post lifts specialized for the aerospace industry and can be configured to 0 to 10 fpm speeds. The platform is fitted with a customized opening and allows easy access to the aircraft wings from all positions and any elevation.

Technicians can access various utilities from the platform, such as the vacuum system, computer data ports, and electrical ports.

8. Pit Mounted Four Post Lift for Transformer Assembly

In the past, transformer coil winding assumed a horizontal position, but that has changed in recent years to vertical winding. This scenario presented a challenge because the coils can stand up to 20 feet, making them inaccessible to workers. Handling's four post lift for transformer assembly solved this problem by installing the four post lift system in a pit where technicians could access the coil at whichever height through a unique open-center platform.

Another challenge was the coil winding increased the diameter, so Handling Specialty designed the platform center to adjust as the size increases. The four post lift for transformer assembly handles 20,000 lbs. and is equipped with a smooth self-locking drive.

9. Jet Engine Pre-dress Bay Four Post Lift

Designed for jet engine pre-dress facilities, this four-post lift model ensures no swaying during the pre-dress process. This model handles capacities of 31,500 lbs. it’s also equipped with a passive retention system to protect technicians and equipment.

Other Types of Four Post Lifts

Handling Specialty has specialized in designing and manufacturing four post lifts for all types of organizations and industries. Other industries that we've designed and built specialized four post lifts include

Four post lift for transformer core winding: this technology was adopted by ASEA Brown Boveri's American and Canadian plants for their electrical transformers.

Four post lifts for theater: Handling developed a multi-stage four post lift stage for one of the US's largest Christian-themed live theaters. It featured a four-post vertical screw design that's durable and flexible.

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