Maintenance for Your Car Lift

To create a safe environment in your auto shop, vehicle lifts should always undergo routine maintenance. By following our car lift maintenance guide, you'll be taking a proactive role in assuring protection for your auto shop and fostering a work environment built around safety. We recommend equipment owners plan for inspections and maintenance of car lifts regularly.


Schedule Standard Inspections on Car Lifts

Regular inspections are one of the simplest and most effective methods of maintenance for vehicle lifts. Be sure to keep an eye out for any prolonged use wear it has endured or significant damage it may have taken. Check all locks and cables as they are often prone to damage and are some of the most integral pieces of equipment that support the vehicle.


Daily Maintenance Routines

Car lift cables in poor condition can be detrimental to the well-being of a vehicle lift. Be sure to routinely inspect these elements. Every day, lubricate them with the proper oil, and get cables replaced every three to five years. If damage is visible on the cables, they should be replaced immediately and a regular inspection should be performed to check for additional damage.

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

Lubrication can ensure that your equipment lasts long and performs exceptionally well. On a weekly basis, it is good to confirm that all moving parts of a vehicle lift operate smoothly and apply general-purpose oil to parts like safety locks that may not be used often or checked daily. The supporting elements matter, too – always check for proper mounting of pins, bolts, and cable connections.


Monthly Maintenance Checkpoints

Take time once a month to perform a thorough inspection of all the major and minor parts of your vehicle lifts. Examine pins, bolts, locks, and cables for proper operation and mounting. Safety features should be fully operational, as well. Check for any signs of damage or general wear, and be sure that all parts are performing properly. Again, reapplying lubrication to any moving parts would be a good idea.


Should car lifts fail due to lack of maintenance, you could suffer serious risk to your business and, more importantly, your life and the lives of your employees. That's why it is crucial for equipment owners to ensure every car lift component works properly by performing inspections and regular maintenance.


If you have additional, more detailed questions about car lift maintenance or any of our other product offerings, we’d be happy to help. Contact us by phone or email.


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