KATOOL KT-X85 Electric Mid-Rise Scissor Lift

Description of Middle Rise Lift

Middle rise lift is specially designed for the tire-changing of car. With its elaborate design, reasonable structure and easily-operation, it is very popular with the customers. When using this machine, the bottom frame could be placed on the ground or embedded below the ground. These two bottom frames must be on the same horizon plain, fix this machine with anchor bolts.


1.With A3 steel plate, the strength of the lift is enhanced, avoids deformation, and guarantees the service life.

2.The hydraulic system adopts a differential cylinder, which is a kind of high-quality high-pressure cylinder. With a Max pressure 22Mpa, the hydraulic pump is a kind of super-high pressure pump from Italy. The hydraulic valve adopts an Italy thread cartridge inserted valve, guaranteeing the working pressure of the hydraulic system and its long-term balanced usage.

3.Hydraulic and mechanical double safety locks, guarantee an absolute safety service.


Thoroughly read this manual before operating the lift and comply with the instructions. Always display the manual in a conspicuous location. Personal injury and property damage incurred due to non-compliance with these safety instructions are not covered by the product liability regulations.

Safety Instructions for Commissioning

The lift may be installed and commissioned by authorized service personnel only. the standard lift version may not be installed and commissioned in the vicinity of explosives or flammable liquids, outdoors, or in moist rooms (e.g. car wash).

Safety Instructions for Operation

Read the operating manual. Lift operation by authorized personnel over 18 years only. Always keep the lift and lift area clean and free of tools, parts, debris, etc. After raising the vehicle briefly, stop and check the disk adapters for secure contact. Make sure the vehicle doors are closed during raising and lowering cycles. Closely watch the vehicle and the lift during raising and lowering cycles. Do not allow anyone to stay in the lift area during raising and lowering cycles. Do not allow anyone on a lift or inside the raised vehicle. Only use the lift for its intended purpose. Comply with the applicable accident prevention regulations. Do not overload the lift. The rated load capacity is indicated on the lift nameplate. Only use the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended lift points. After positioning the vehicle to apply the parking brake. Use caution when removing or installing heavy components (center-of-gravity displacement). The main switch serves as an emergency switch. In case of emergency turn to position 0. Protect all parts of the electrical equipment from humidity and moisture. Protect the lift against unauthorized usage by padlocking the main switch.

Safety Instructions for Servicing

Maintenance or repair work by authorized service personnel only. Turn off and padlock the main switch before doing any maintenance, or repair work. Work on pulse generators or proximity switches by authorized service personnel only. Work on the electrical equipment by certified electricians only. Ensure that ecologically harmful substances are disposed of only in accordance with the appropriate regulations. Do not use high-pressure/steam jet cleaners or caustic cleaning agents. Risk of damage! Do not replace or override the safety devices.

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