Notes on two post lift

1. All anchor bolts shall bear normal torque. If one bolt cannot bear normal force, it is necessary to stop using the lift until the qualified bolt is replaced. 

2. Check the lift every day. If the machine breaks down or has damaged parts, do not operate, use the parts of the original equipment to repair. 

3. Do not overload the lift machine. The weight rating designed by the manufacturer is indicated on the label of the lift. 

4. The position control of the vehicle and the operation of the lift can only be done by trained and authorized persons. 

5. You can't lift a car with people inside. No customer or onlooker should be around the lift machine while it is in operation. 

6. Keep the place around the lift free of obstacles, lubricating oil, grease, garbage and other debris for a long time. 

7. Before driving the car into the lift, place the lifting arm and support pad in the appropriate position to ensure barrier-free space. Do not hit or run over the lift arm and support pad of the lift machine, otherwise it will cause damage to the lift machine or the car. 

8. Carefully load the car onto the lift and lift the lift to the required height for operation. If you are working under a car, raise the lift to a sufficient height and ensure that the safety mechanism is locked. 

9. Removing (or installing) parts from a car may cause a sudden shift in the center of gravity of the car, causing instability of the lifted car. Refer to the car manufacturer's service manual as a recommended procedure when removing parts from a car. 

10. Before the lift is lowered, ensure that the tool tray, tool holder, etc. are removed from under the vehicle. 

11. Before removing the car from the lift, place the lift arm and support pad in place to open an unobstructed exit.

Katool car lift

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