Operating process and precautions of tire changer

tire changer is a tool commonly used in automotive repair to quickly and safely remove a tire from the wheel for further inspection and repair. The following is the introduction of the operating process and precautions of the tire changer. 

1. Preparation: Before using the tire changer, it is necessary to check whether the machine is in normal condition. If there is any abnormal situation, it should be repaired in time. At the same time, park your vehicle on flat ground and do not operate on slopes to avoid accidents. Also the vehicle handbrake and gear firmly locked, to ensure safety. 

2. Install the fixture: Fix the fixture of the tire changer on the wheel to ensure that the contact area between the fixture and the wheel is uniform. Note that the clamp should be tight, but not so tight that it damages the wheel. 

3. Start the tire changer: After fixing the fixture on the wheel, start the tire changer and make it rise gradually until the tire is removed from the wheel. In the process of operation, attention should be paid to control the speed of the tire scraper, so as to avoid excessive friction between the fixture and the wheel, resulting in sparks or other safety hazards. 

4. Remove the tire: Place the removed tire in a safe place and remove it from the site with handling equipment. In order to ensure safe operation, keep personnel away from the tire changer and vehicle in operation. 

In the use of tire changer, also need to pay attention to the following points: 

1. Avoid overload: do not use the tire changer for vehicles that exceed their carrying capacity, so as to avoid accidents. 

2. Pay attention to maintenance: tire changer is a kind of mechanical equipment, need regular maintenance and maintenance, to ensure its normal use and extend the service life. 

3. Pay attention to safety: When operating tire changer, pay attention to safety at all times, do not let other personnel near the operating equipment, so as to avoid accidents. 

In short, tire changer is a common vehicle maintenance tool, but in use, must abide by the operation process and precautions, to ensure the safe and efficient operation.

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