How to do four-wheel positioning?

Because the installation between the four wheels of the vehicle, the steering mechanism and the front and rear axles should have a certain relative position, the relative position is the standard value formulated by the manufacturer. Adjust and restore the installation of this position, that is, four-wheel positioning.

As we all know, the car after a period of driving, due to a variety of reasons, there will be abnormal tire wear, accelerated wear parts, direction pan, vehicle deviation, fuel consumption increase and other phenomena, and these phenomena are the reasons for the decline of vehicle performance, to eliminate these phenomena, to ensure the stable performance of the vehicle, the most effective way is to do four-wheel positioning , It can not only ensure the normal running of the car, but also extend the life of the tires, while saving fuel consumption.

The car four-wheel positioning adjustment is the inclination value of the wheel and the value of the beam, whether it is internal inclination, camber or rear Angle as long as the Angle is to ensure that the tire can avoid the horizontal driving as far as possible; The front beam is whether the steering wheel of the vehicle can be automatically righted and the vehicle travels in a straight line. Front wheel positioning includes four contents: kingpin back Angle, kingpin inner Angle, front wheel camber and front wheel bundle. Rear wheel positioning includes wheel camber Angle and one by one rear wheel front bundle. Four-wheel positioning has a direct relationship with the driving comfort and maneuverability of the vehicle.

In the vehicle to do four wheel positioning, first of all to drive the car to the positioning device, the two front wheels to be in the middle of the adjustment disc, with a triangular rubber block to cover the rear wheel, put down the handbrake, the four tires installed on the infrared receiver. Adjust the steering wheel from the middle position and fix it with the steering wheel fixing device. Secondly, open the computer, enter the system, click diagnosis, at this time lift the vehicle until the left and right target disk detection is normal, stop lifting the vehicle, and close this page. Next, click the four-wheel positioning measurement, enter the vehicle information, select the manufacturer, select the vehicle model, select the date, and click the four-wheel positioning. If you are prompted to push behind you, push back until you stop pushing. When you are done, push forward until the computer shows that the measurement is complete. Then, click the next button on the right side of the screen, and the front wheel data appears. From the data, this vehicle needs to be adjusted, and the data should be adjusted in the green normal range. Remove the two front wheel adjustment disc fixing pins and use the wrench to adjust the direction of the pull rod bolt until the data is in the green range. Note: When adjusting the data, for accuracy, try to adjust the data to 0, the steering wheel must be in the middle position.

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