Two Post Lift Advantages

Two post lift technology is increasingly perfect, recognized by the majority of customers, basically summarized as follows: 


 1. When the auto lift machine rises to the maximum lifting height, the time limit switch will automatically power off and cut off the oil pressure loop in the hydraulic pump; 
 2. Powerful motor with high horsepower; 
 3. Single column lifting capacity up to 7.5 tons; 
 4. safe and reliable safety device; 
 5. beautiful, practical design; 
 6. low noise, low vibration design; 
 7. the towing fork can be adjusted with the size of the tire, suitable for all kinds of models; 
 8. spacious working space; 
 9. 100% prevent oil pressure cylinder oil leakage, different from the traditional hydraulic equipment for a long time easy to leak disadvantages; 
 10. Electro-hydraulic secondary lifting.


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