What is a Mid Rise Scissors Lift?

mid rise scissor lift is a type of vehicle lift that is designed to raise a vehicle to a medium height, typically around 3 feet off the ground. They are commonly used for tire service, brakes, and other maintenance tasks that require access to the underside of a vehicle. Mid rise scissor lifts are characterized by their compact design and ease of use, making them ideal for smaller auto shops and home garages. They are typically mobile or fixed mount and have a lifting capacity of up to 6000lbs. 

Scissor lifts are part of the aerial work platform family.  The platform provides a solid foundation to work to be completed at low and medium heights. In particular, scissor lifts leverage a criss-crossing metal support structure that elongates as the platform rises.”

Based on the powerful scissor lift design, mid rise scissor lifts are capable of supporting the weight of most cars. Plus, due to the design, these lifts help auto shops maximize their available floor space.

Mid Rise Scissors Lifts in the Auto Industry

Mid rise scissors lifts are ideal for garages with low ceilings, service bays and detailing shops. For example, auto repair technicians need quick and easy access to perform simple tasks under the car. As a result, mid rise scissors lifts provide a comfortable working space to work on wheel alignments and brakes. Additionally, mid rise scissors lifts are portable, so they can be easily moved around a shop to elevate the next car due for service. From standard wheel or brake service to more in-depth detailing work, mid rise lifts offer versatility, portability at an affordable price point to help automotive technicians get their job done.

In fact, for car enthusiasts, certain mid rise scissors lifts are also suitable for your home garage.  

“For many, the main obstacle with the upgrade is coming up with enough space. While two post lifts are popular for larger service bays, most home garages and small shops might not have the overhead room or expendable floor space. That's when a mid-rise list is your best option.”

Benefits of Mid Rise Scissors Lifts

Every industry requires speciality products that help make daily work more efficient and safe. In the auto industry, mid rise scissors lifts provide unique benefits that help create a safe work environment by enabling more room to move around. For repair shops, this is imperative because of the amount of heavy tools, cumbersome transmission jacks and more that take up lots of floor space. Additionally,mid rise scissors lifts improve the efficiency of your works as they can repair automobiles in a more comfortable environment. 

Portable lift that allows for flexibility in your shop. 

Seamless lifting experience that provides more comfort while working on repairs.

Multiple safety features, such as pull lever releases that protect workers.

Durable design and finish that helps protect the lift and yield a lasting machine. 

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