Scissors lift safty use

1. Before use, remove the equipment and debris near the lifting machine that hinder operation. The area under or around the lift and the ground on the platform must be kept clean. Any oil stains must be removed immediately.
2. Ensure that only vehicles that do not exceed the allowable weight, maximum height and length range can be lifted.
3. Before lifting the vehicle, carry out no-load lifting operation on the equipment to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.
4. The vehicle should slowly and evenly drive into the correct position of the lifting platform, correct the direction, turn off the engine, and tighten the handbrake.
5. After lifting the platform off the ground, suspend the lifting operation, install the protective baffle at the front and rear of the platform, and continue lifting the vehicle to the required height.
6. During the lifting process, no person or object other than the vehicle is allowed to lift with the vehicle, and the operation and maintenance personnel are not allowed to enter the unsafe work area.
7. When the main engine rises to the required height, the "lock" button should be operated to ensure that the safety jaw is fastened before entering the operation under the machine. There should be no foreign body on the safety components.
8. When the machine is lifting, the rubber pad should be placed at the lower part of the chassis.
9. The vehicle engine must not be started on the lifting platform for lifting operation and testing.
10. Make sure personnel leave the work area before lowering the lift. Objects must not be placed in the drop area and moving parts of the lift.
11. When the lift platform descends close to the ground, suspend the descent operation, remove the front and rear protective baffles of the platform, and continue to descend the platform to the bottom.
12. After driving the vehicle away from the platform, clean the ground around the lift machine and the platform. Do not use water, steam, etc. to flush the equipment.

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