When do you need a wheel alignment?

What is car wheel alignment

Four-wheel drive alignment

Wheel alignment is also known as breaking and sometimes referred to as front and rear wheel alignment for a car or vehicle.
An often overlooked but vital standard maintenance item, a four-wheel alignment adjustment involves adjusting the angle of the car's wheels to the correct angle specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
At the end of a standard car tire wheel alignment, it is ensured that all four wheels of the car are properly aligned according to certain parameters.
Car tracking and alignment reduce tire wear and ensure that your vehicle drives straight when on the road.

Car Tire Alignment Angle

For a normal vehicle, there are corresponding angular positions between the parts installed on the frame and the body, as well as the wheels and the ground to maintain the vehicle's better driving stability and safety. These angles are what we do.
The angle of wheel positioning needs to be adjusted, and each angle is closely related. Only by matching each other can we reach the best position.
The basic angles of car four-wheel alignment include toe angle, camber angle, caster angle, thrust angle, refraction angle, wheelbase, tolerance angle, kingpin inclination angle, steering angle, frame height, so on.
Among the angles that often need to be adjusted are Toe angle, Camber angle, Caster angle, and Thrust angle.

Is wheel alignment really necessary?

What issues can be caused by wheel misalignment?

Uneven tire wear will seriously affect the performance of the tire, may cause a puncture, and may even be life-threatening.
Misaligned wheels have greater road resistance, resulting in higher fuel consumption.
After adjusting the tire alignment, the average tire life can be increased by 20%.

Importance of wheel tracking and alignment

Even brand new vehicles may require four-wheel alignment adjustments.


On the one hand, a misaligned vehicle means that your wheels are pointing in different directions. This causes tire acceleration and uneven wear, and causes your vehicle to pull to the right or left, affecting your driving experience.

On the other hand, correct car tire alignment is essential to your safety and comfort on the road.


AUTOKATO 3D Wheel Aligner Feature:

1.High special industrial camera.

2.High speed CPU

3.Usable for long wheelbase vehicle adjustment.

4.Specific environmental adaptivity and  fill-in light flash function of cameras.

5.Camera has built-in compensation parameters to realize camera exchange.

6.Windows operation system.

7.All chassis data measurement including whelbase,wheel track,axle offset and etc.

8.Database covering more than 20,000 car modles worldwide,intelligent update at any time.

9.Multiple compensation ways or no compensation available.

10.Field installation,no need to calibrate.

11.Self-diagnosis and correction function.

Autokato wheel aligner AV8

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