Wheel balancing machine use

The use of tire wheel balancing machine is as follows:

1, First of all, we should fill the tire to the appropriate air pressure, and then get rid of the lead on the tire, the stone in the tire pattern ditch clean;

2, The tire mounting surface inward mounted on the balance shaft, at the same time to choose the appropriate vertebral body, and then use the locking device to lock the tire;

3, We open the power supply of the balancing machine, and then pull out the ruler to measure the distance between the rim balancing machine, input the corresponding value on the machine;

4, Ready after we press the start button, and then the balancing machine began to drive the tire rotation, at this time the measurement began;

5, The balancing machine will automatically stop after measuring the deviation value;

6. Rotate the tire to the side of the balancing machine, and then add the corresponding balancing block on the inside.


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