Tire Changer and Balancer Combo

What Are the Benefits of The Tire Changer and Balancer Combo?

1.Cost-effectiveTire changer and wheel balancer combo packages can save you a lot of money on your budget. Invest in your own wheel changer instead of paying the high service costs of the auto repair store - pressure regulators, car wheel balancing, car lifts, etc.

2.Controllable quality: In addition to saving money, your garage will turn into a personal auto store with the help of the changer and balancer combo. And the best car tire changer can provide top-quality results, and you can fully control the outcome.

3.Convenient & Save timeAs mentioned above, you can finish the tire change and balance in your own garage cozily, avoiding the hassle of going out and planning the vehicle maintenance. Likewise, this means you can skip the long wait and obtain the maximum convenience of DIY.

Functions of tire changer balancer

Unbalanced wheels will cause steering wheel shaking, reduce vehicle adhesion, wheel runout, damage tires, shock absorbers and their rotating parts, affect riding comfort and handling stability, increase fuel consumption, and even directly affect the economic indicators of vehicles. Balancing the tire will avoid the adverse effects and losses caused thereby.

Features of tire changer balancer

1.High mechanical spindle that executes heat treatment process to ensure repeated measurement accuracy.

2.High precision and high stability integrated circuit module, white calibration of equipment and automatic fault detection.

3. Optional extension ruler can measure 10 to 24 inch steel rings.

4. It has the function of dynamic balance and static balance of ordinary aluminum alloy rims, optional safety cover, no central empty clamp, and enlarged cone block Note: it is mainly used for the tire steel rings with hook type balance blocks.

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