Benefits of Tire Changers

Anything that improves productivity and efficiency within your operations while contributing to a high return on investment is what sets you apart from competitors. You can gain a massive advantage when you invest in the right tire changer for the vehicles you work with.

1. Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Technology is what keeps every business at the forefront of its sector. Choosing a tire changer that includes suitable features for your auto shop or garage will help you and your crew balance time and services. Running a profitable company means you have to balance the volume of work while trying to support as many people as possible.

There is a fine line between not keeping your employees busy and having them overworking. But tire changers can help with the flow of operations as efficiency is crucial to keep things running.

2. Save Money, Time and Effort

Tire changing machines allow workers to spend less time performing repetitive tire changing tasks and gives them additional time to be productive in other areas. They can get more done or the small amount of extra time can even act as a period for them to regroup and take a break.

3. Improve Safety

Tire changers implement additional safety precautions for technicians. The equipment is safer for people to operate, reducing the possibility of injuries and downtime. Changers also ensure minimal damage to expensive and flashy rims of your customers, which reduces the likelihood of your shop being held liable for damaged tires and rims.

4. Keep Operators Less Fatigued

Having the help of tire changers makes life easier and hassle-free for your team. They can perform various services with one piece of equipment which can reduce their overall exhaustion. Having tire changers perform challenging tasks means your technicians will spend fewer resources and time on a single job.

Your business can now increase turnaround time, boost efficiency and eliminate the need for physical labor when changing tires. Tire changing tools are also a beneficial investment in the long-run that deliver reliability and profitable services.

How to Find the Right Tire Changer for You

Figuring out which type of tire changer is ideal for your specific tasks mean you must compare the specifications of each option. You need to choose one that suits the way you operate and change tires. For example, if you’re a high-volume shop specializing in tire changes and repairs, automatic machines are your best bet. But if you operate at medium levels or change tires several times a week as opposed to every day, semi-automatic or manual is your go-to solution.

The first three questions you need to ask in determining the ideal tire changer includes:

  • What size tires do you service?
  • What is the largest rim diameter size you need?
  • What types of wheels do you change?

You need to have an in-depth breakdown of what you need and the machine and features that will give you the most support. The average passenger cars and light-duty trucks can use standard center post machines which are great for typical steel wheels. If you’re handling more expensive aluminum and alloy rims, invest in rim clamp tire equipment which can control the rims without resulting in damage.


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